How To Decorate a Flower Shop

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If you own a flower shop, you can entice people to enter your floral creations if you have attractive window displays.  The in-shop décor also helps lure in new customers and keep old ones happy.  Use the tips below to spruce up your flower shop.

  • Choose the right wall treatment.  Paint the walls in a light color so the floral displays will stand out.  You can also choose to cover the wall with wallpaper.  Select wallpaper that is subdued and not too busy.
  • Use different decorative items.  Hang a few photographs of your floral creations.  You can also decorate the walls with paintings.   A small Zen fountain will add a relaxing feel to your store.  The flowing water also brings good luck.
  • Select the right light.  You want the colors of the flowers to pop out.  Wrong lighting can make the flowers look dull and boring.  Natural lighting is the best.  Look for lighting that imitates natural light.  When choosing light fixtures, find ones that match with the overall vibe of your shop.  There are light fixtures shaped like flowers perfect for flower shops.
  • Give customers a place to sit and write.  Place a small round table and chair in one area of your flower shop.  You customers will appreciate having an area to compose their thoughts as they write on the card that goes with the arrangement.  
  • Use themes for your floral displays.  Your theme can depend on the season.  Use white as the color inspiration for your window and in-store floral displays.  Autumn should bring out the oranges, reds and golds.  Summer is about sunshine and the color yellow while spring brings in the pastel shades.    
  • Decorate according to a special occasion.  Use items associated with specific occasions and holidays in your décor.  February is all about Valentine’s Day.  Bring out your hearts, bears, cupids and arrows and start adding these elements to your displays as early as the third week of January.  You can showcase all your red colored flowers in your window display.   During the Easter season, make way for decorations in pastel yellow, pink, purple and green.  Add bunnies and little chicks to your décor.  Fourth of July should usher in window displays in patriotic colors of red, white and blue.  Don’t forget to have displays for birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, new baby, and other important milestones and occasions.  
  • Showcase special flowers each month.  Select one or two flowers to represent each month.  Create an arrangement or two using these flowers and display them in the window and in the store.
  • Direct your customer’s eye.  Popular flowers should be displayed at the farthest area of the shop.  Display the not-so-popular flowers along the path leading to the counter.  This way, you customers will have the chance to see (and hopefully appreciate and order) these other flowers.  You should also place those flowers that you want to sell quickly where customers can easily see them.

A flower shop should be decorated in such a way that the colors and even the fragrance of the flowers are showcased.  It is not about merely lining up the available flowers in the store.  You will need to create several flower arrangements based on a theme.  Additional decorative items should also be added to the flower shop in order to complement the floral displays.


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