How To Decorate a Narrow Office Space

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You spend a lot of time in your office. So when it's long and narrow, you may feel like you're working in a cave. Spend some time decorating your office space to bring out the potential in even the narrowest of office spaces. Here are a few tricks to help you make your narrow office space the best that it can be.

Step 1

Paint it a light color. If your office space is small and narrow, you don't want to paint it a dark color. That will just make the walls seem like they're creeping in on you (adding to your small-space dilemma). Instead, choose a light, fresh color other than white to add color and freshness to your narrow office space. Pastel colors are okay, but for an office, beige and light greens will bring more cheer to your narrow work space.

Step 2

Purchase multi-purpose furniture. The worst thing you can do when decorating a narrow office space is to try to cram too much into it. You're already low on space, and having hoards of furniture in your narrow office will make it hard to move around and work in. Instead of going through a maze every time you need to reach your desk, put only essential, multi-purpose office furniture in your narrow office space. And think ‘up'! Make use of the height in your narrow office by purchasing a desk with a built-in hutch. This will double as a bookshelf for you, and removes the need for an additional shelf that will just take up floor space. As well, use a two-drawer filing cabinet as a coffee table as well. Place a small plant and magazine on top of your filing cabinet, place it near a chair for visitors, and you'll have created several uses for that piece of office furniture. Think of other ways you can use your office furniture in more than one way in your narrow office space, and you will quickly see that "less is more."

Step 3

Have lots of natural light. A narrow office space can seem dark and dreary if the lighting is minimal. So in your narrow office space, decorate it with the intention of maximizing natural light. Keep large furniture away from the windows to allow more natural light to flow into your narrow office. And don't use blinds or curtains to cover your windows (at least, not fully).  Your window and the sunlight it provides play a huge role in creating a better work environment in your narrow office space.

Step 4

Bring in some plants. Contrary to what you may believe, it's okay to have a few extras in your narrow office space. Live plants will add color and life to your tiny office. And some personal photos will make your narrow office seem comfortable and cozy. Bring in a few cherished items to add punches of color, and your narrow office will be just as inviting as your boss's huge office space!


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