How To Demonstrate a Product to New Customers

A product demonstration can be tricky. It can be the deciding factor for a sizeable order or direct purchase. It requires sales and marketing skills as well as presentation skills to be able to demonstrate a product to new customers. There are several factors that you have to consider - consumer behavior, consumer buying habits, the season and applicability of the product, its affordability, the competition and product trends. It takes experience and practice to be able to convincingly and credibly demonstrate a product. Below are tips that will help you in demonstrating a product with ease.

  1. Knowledge about the product is a must. You have to know every detail about the product. Your product was made to solve a problem. And you are considered the expert in making sure that the new customers know about your product and how it can provide the perfect solution to their problem. Consider that you will be demonstrating the product to several people with a question or two each. You should be able to answer at least ninety percent of the questions that they will be asking. You should know the product inside and out, the ideal situation where the product will perform at its best. You should also know the other benefits that the product can give the consumers.
  2. You should know the consumers. Gather data about the new customers from the demonstration requests sent by the customers, from the customer database kept by the sales department, and also by getting information from casual questions you can ask the customers before the start of the demonstration. You should have an understanding of what the group of consumers wants when they requested for a demonstration and what drives decision makers to purchase.
  3. Understand the issues faced by the group of customers and tailor-fit your demonstration to highlight that product benefits that will answer the needs of the prospect consumers. It will be more compelling and effective if you have different approaches when doing a product demonstration. Keep in mind that someone in the audience may have already seen your previous demonstration.
  4. Create stories that will showcase the product in use. Use real-life settings with which customers can identify with and highlight each of your product's features throughout the story. Enumerating the features one by one is not an effective means to demonstrate your product. Add anecdotes and actual satisfied customer experience and endorsement if available. Inject humor to put the customers at ease and use props to clarify and make product features stand out.
  5. Practice delivering your demonstration by yourself, in front of the mirror. Learn how to handle the product and how best to show each feature. Grow through each feature as it is woven into your product demonstration script. Use audiovisual aids when necessary. Practice until you know it by heart and you can approach the demonstration at different angles. At the same time, learn some relaxation techniques that will be very helpful when facing group after group of total strangers. Practice your smile and how to vary the intonation of your voice to stress some points.

Get ready for your presentation by checking your product and its accessories. Check that you have enough business cards, product brochures, a hard copy of your demonstration script and your visual aids.


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