How To Design a 3-Column Flyer

If you're making a flyer, one of the challenges that you'd have to face is to make maximum use of your available space. One of the ways to do this is by creating columns of texts. By arranging your texts in three columns instead of in a single block, you would be making smarter use of all your available space.

Thank goodness that there are several tools on most computers that would greatly help you in designing a three-column flyer. If you're looking for tips on how to go about this project, read on:

  1. Use available programs at your computer. Some of the programs that you could use include Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Pagemaker, but you could just as easily use Microsoft Word, especially if you want to keep your project simple.
  2. Plan the layout of your flier. First, you should decide if you'd want your flier to be in portrait orientation (standing vertically), or landscape orientation (horizontal). A tip is that if you plan to put a lot of text in your flier, you could probably do better with a portrait orientation; otherwise landscape will be fine.
  3. Know how to arrange your texts and images in three columns. If you plan to use Microsoft Word for designing your 3-column flier, you have two general options for designing.

The first is to go to the "Page Layout" button at the upper corner of your screen. You'd see an option there for "Columns." You could choose the option for three columns, and you'd automatically be able to type your text in three columns. The drawback to this technique, though, is that you won't be able to control how much text will be in one column. Once you hit the end of the assigned column, you'd automatically revert to the next column.

A better way is to use text box. Click on the "Insert" button on top of your screen, and click on text box. You'd be free to create a box in any area of the paper where you'd like your text to start appearing. You'd also be able to control the length of the text that you'd like to appear in that text box, along with its width.

Apart from text, you could also use the text box to insert images. This is better than to simply choose "Insert" then "Picture", because the text box will help you better control the size and the position of your image.

To hide the appearance of the lines of the textbox, just right click on the textbox and choose "Format Text Box". Click on "No color" for "Fill," and "No color" for "Line." If you do want the text or image to be framed, then choose among the different types of lines and line colors available.

To create three columns, just simply put in three different textboxes in the positions that you want.

There you have it! These are some of the really easy ways you could design a three-column flier. Remember, you should also take the time to plan out the styles and designs you would put in your flier to make it more striking to your potential customers. Good luck!


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