How To Design a Fashion Logo

A fashion logo is an essential part of a fashion business because it provides an identity, catches the attention and imprints on memory.  Because of this, a fashion logo is especially designed to be expressive, catchy and memorable.  Here is how to design an effective fashion logo for your business.

Think about your business.  A logo paints a picture about your business.  Think about the things that you want to show people through your fashion logo.  Ask specific questions regarding your business and answer them. What ideas about your business do you want to portray?  What are your goals and ideals?  What is your company’s personality?  Why are you the best company around?  Ask good questions and get the crucial information about your company.

Turn your ideas into designs.  When you have decided on what to express through your logo, transform your ideas into visual designs.  The fashion logo must be creative to show your fashion artistry, but it must also be straight-to-the-point.  Make sure that the designs are simple and concrete.  Don’t let people guess about what you’re trying to illustrate or people may get confused about your company.

Sketch its general shape.  The same principles of fashion apply to fashion logos.  Its outline has a visual impact to viewers, thus consider the logo’s layout and how the design elements harmonize with each other.  Know the effects that certain shapes have.  For example: triangular shapes give ideas of sharpness, edge and competition; rounded ones hint to softness, comfort and friendliness; square or rectangular shapes gives a feeling of stability, security and practicality, and twisty shapes show imagination, innovation, and originality. 

Include fashion items into design.  Including easy-to-recognize items in your fashion logo makes it easier for people to know that you are in the fashion industry.  Make fashion items spell out the name of your company.  Illustrate a fashion item that stands out yet highlights the other elements in the logo.  The important thing to remember is that the fashion item mustn’t overpower your company name but make it easy to be remembered.

Choose colors carefully.  Colors signify ideas, situations, and feelings.  Choose a color which best matches your company and business.  For example: bright colors are trendy and fun while darker colors are classic and professional.  Some colors mean something to certain groups of people. Know the colors that appeal to the people who are in your target market.

Turn your name into a design.  The best way for people to remember your name is when you convert your name into a visual design.  Make the letters of your company name become design elements.

Choose your font.  When writing your company name or motto, choose your font wisely.  The font of the message is just as important as the message itself, most especially in logos.  Look at the font: what does it signify?  Does it look antique, modern, or futuristic?  Does it appeal to a certain age group?  Make sure that the font can be read, though.

Don’t be hasty in designing a fashion logo because it carries your company’s name.  Discuss amongst yourself about the ideas to be illustrated in the logo as well as the intended effects of each individual design element upon the viewer.  Ask people to make comments about your temporary logos to know people’s feedback before choosing your permanent fashion logo.


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