How To Design a Great Flyer

You don't want to design a flyer just to find some of its copies in a trashcan. You should make a great flyer if you don't want your design be literally trashed. But what qualifies as a great flyer? Well, it really depends upon many factors but it should be something not worthy for the trashcan.

There is no single flyer design that is considered to be great. With the millions of great flyer design possibilities, it will be difficult to teach a specific design you can use. Fortunately, you can consider some factors that will affect the greatness of your flyer design. Consider these factors when designing and you'll be on your way to creating a great flyer:

  • Purpose. For what is the flyer you will be designing? Is it for a free concert, an important announcement, a newly opened store, or a freelance service? The flyer design will be great if it speaks about its purpose. For instance, you don't create a simple all-text design if the flyer is announcing a painting exhibit. It should be more creative than just that. If it's for a new store, then it's okay to have a plain flyer with the store's location, contact information, and the things being sold there. This store flyer will be great if it is also a discount coupon. For sure, no one, if not few, will put that into the trashcan.
  • Audience. Who are your target audience? The flyer design should be appealing for this group of people. Do you think a very colorful flyer will appeal to the middle-aged working professionals? Maybe it will if the professionals are inclined to arts. But if your audience is composed of serious people, it will be better to have the flyer as simple as it can be.

Meanwhile, if you are inviting kids to a painting tutorial class, then the flyer should be colorful with some cartoon drawings. You can add design the kids can tear up or cut. You can also add some stickers or a pattern drawing of how to turn the flyer into an airplane or boat.

While considering these two important factors, you can also find the following tips helpful for designing a great flyer:

  • Make action. The flyer should suggest an action from the audience like "buy your tickets now," "visit the store now," or "make your reservations today." Motivating the audience to make a move might just help them do favorable action.
  • Stand out. The flyer is great if it can stand out among other flyers. Using a bright-color background is a good idea but a black-and-white one is great, too. You can play with text and pictures to make the flyer more appealing. Better get inspiration before you design your flyer by seeing some great flyer designs.
  • Information. The design may be one-of-a-kind but what if the flyer has not included all the information it should have? What, when, where, why, and how should all be answered on the flyer. Complete information is more important than having a stunning flyer design.

After making a flyer design, ask some people to comment on your design. Sometimes, what seems beautiful in our eyes can be irritating for some. This way, you'll get more ideas from other people. Who knows, new ideas from these people might just make your flyer design not only great but also the best.


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