How To Design a Logo Umbrella

Many companies these days have been using corporate giveaways not just to advertise their businesses but also to promote goodwill for the company. T-shirts are very common items used as corporate giveaways. Bags of different varieties are also common items. Pens, too, are very common because they are inexpensive but also ubiquitous. Umbrellas, though also commonly used, have an advantage over other common corporate giveaways. Not only are umbrellas useful on rainy days; they are also used when your colleague or a corporate client participates in a formal golf game where t-shirts and pens may not effectively advertise your company. Besides that, umbrellas—especially if made of good quality and design—will project an image of sophistication and classiness. The focus of this article is on designing a logo umbrella that you can use for your corporate advertising.

  1. Design the imprint. What to show on the surface of the umbrella will depend on several factors such as the purpose of the giveaway item, the target recipients, the budget, etc. Generally, most companies will always include their company logos on giveaway umbrellas. However, there is also room for creativity, as well. Many companies have effectively made good walking advertising boards of the giveaway umbrellas that they give to recipients. If your designer or graphic artist designed the imprint by hand, you will need to have the design scanned or converted to digital format that the printing company can use. If the design was done with the help of a computer, save the file in a file format that most printers will be able to use. The most common formats are EPS, TIFF, PNG, PDF, JPG, and PSD. The resolution (expressed as dpi, or dots per inch) of the graphic file should also be enough. In most cases, a 150 dpi graphic file is suitable. But, you can go as high as 600 dpi, which is considered very high resolution and is ideal for photograph-like designs. The canvas size of the design should also fit the intended surface area on the umbrella. Remember to consider the size of the image; make sure that the image size is big enough to be seen from a considerable distance. Choose colors that stand out during sunny days or that won’t appear washed out under the rain.
  2. Scout for a suitable printing company. While the imprint design is being made, start scouting for a company. Find one that specializes in custom umbrella prints, as such a printing company will usually have enough experience and expertise. There are many printing companies around, but not all can print on umbrellas. Umbrellas use a different material or fabric from ordinary shirts or canvas, and the process of printing the image on the surface may take more than just regular silk screening. That is why you should go for a company that specializes in umbrella printing.
  3. Determine how many umbrellas you want printed. Generally, the price per piece goes lower as the quantity of items goes higher. Also, consider the umbrella itself, as well as its quality and durability. Make sure that you select umbrella qualities that will not only match your design but will also reflect the image that your company is trying to project. As a non-absolute rule of thumb, cheap corporate giveaways give a cheap image of a company.
  4. Submit the design to the printer. You may need to sign contracts and agreements. Depending on the printing company, you may even have to pay down payment. Once you have agreed with the printing company, ask for a sample print before giving your go signal to print all orders.

Designing a logo umbrella is very easy to accomplish. If you follow the advice given in this article, even if it is your first time to design a logo umbrella, you have safe assurance that your logo umbrella will come out spectacular.


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