How To Design an Employee Loyalty Program

Beyond winning customers and getting more qualified employees, making employees be motivated enough to want to stay is another challenge for employers. An employee loyalty program is something that companies have to implement to nurture the motivation for people to stay in their company for the long-term.

In a world of lucrative job opportunities, it is very difficult to retain employees. An above average employee who can last in the company for 25 years is much, much better for the company in the long-run than a very talented one who will only stay for a few months, a year or so.

You might be at this point in time where you are stumped with employee program opportunities in forms of cards, customer interaction, hotel discounts, development, etc. But you may not succeed unless you render some sound order and design to your employee loyalty program. Loyalty rewards, brand loyalty, loyalty management, incentive programs and employee loyalty software will all only be effective if you have a specific design that you can adhere to.

In principle, the larger the management and company names, the better the marketing strategy, benefits, etc, must be when generating employee loyalty.

  1. Build a portal for recognition to your employees. Your employees will know that you are serious about this employee loyalty program if you have made a specific place or portal for it. A website with intranet capacities (or even Internet, depending on your privacy policy) may be a good option to recognize top-caliber employees in full view of everyone else.
  2. Capitalize on employee engagement activities. It’s nice if you are able to make reward systems that you as an employer like, but then that might not be something that will appeal to your employees. Engagement activities enables you to work out a compromise between what you can afford and what the employees consider a good reward for their loyalty and service to the company.
  3. Incorporate work-life balance values in the employee program. The trick in creating a design for employment loyalty is that you make the employees feel like they are people. You take into consideration that their jobs are just one aspect of their lives and as such, you may appeal to their sentiments more if you are able to introduce rewards to them that promote work-life balance. For example, additional health insurance coverage, family vacation packages and other perks outside work may serve as good incentives for employees to stay on and serve.
  4. Subscribe to general employee discount plans. Access Development and other companies are able to give employee discount plans that are already a one stop shop for you as an employer.
  5. Have a theme or general framework with which you can hinge the employee loyalty program. To make it more solid and appealing, you can come up with a general theme with which you can hinge the employee loyalty program.
  6. Foster job satisfaction with feedback. Employee input is crucial in designing an employee loyalty program. How can you reward them if, to begin with, you don’t know what they want?

Keeping your employees doesn't have to be terribly difficult, but it does require a commitment on the part of management.  You can learn how to effectively implement loyalty programs by taking relevant online human resources classes.


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