How to Design Brochures like a Pro Using Online Resources

Brochures are a necessity for every company, whether new or old. However, there really is no need to spend your hard-earned money to have someone else design your brochures. There is more than enough information online to tell you what you need to know. So get online to design and print brochures. Here’s how:

Step 1

Know what you want: Before you even begin to design your brochure, you have to know what you want it to accomplish.  Are you a new business trying to get customers?  Are you introducing a new product?  Whatever your goal is, determine it now.

Step 2

Come up with a great headline: Now that you know what you are trying to do, you can start actually doing it.  The first step now is to come up with a headline for your brochure that will grab attention.  Do an internet search for "creating effective headlines" and you will find plenty of information.

Step 3

Use text carefully: One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they design a brochure is using too many words.  When people look at a brochure, they want to quickly get an idea of what it is advertising and how they can take advantage of it.  They are not looking for details.  Save the details for other marketing efforts; your brochure is for getting attention.

Step 4

Use color but with a purpose: Full color brochures are infinitely more effective than black and white brochures.  However, you have to use the right colors and in the right amounts to avoid having your brochure backfire.  Every color invokes a different emotion in the viewer.  Do an internet search for "color meaning" to find out which colors would work best for your objective.  Also search for "how to use color in brochures" to get an idea of what type of color contrasts to use.

Step 5

Select powerful keywords: There are certain words in the English language that are better for marketing than any others.  These include "you," "money," "free," "save," and "discovery."  An internet search for "powerful English words" will quickly lead you to the most powerful words in our language.  Make sure to use some of them in ways that fit into your brochure.

Step 6

Promote your company with your goal in mind: Now it's time to include the "pitch" part of your brochure.  What are you trying to tell people about your company?  All of the aspects of your brochure, from the headline to the text to the color to the keywords, should promote your company.  But look over your brochure and make sure that everything is moving toward the achievement of the goal you defined in step 1.

Step 7

Include a call to action: You have to tell your readers how they can take advantage of your brochure.  Should they call a number?  If so, make sure the number is on the brochure.  Should they visit your website?  Make sure your URL is on there.  Should they email you?  Make sure your email address is on there.

Step 8

Get feedback: Print a few samples of your designed brochure and show them around.  Elicit feedback both from friends and strangers.  Listen to everything that they tell you.  Make the appropriate changes to improve your design.

Step 9

Print and succeed!


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