How To Determine What Kind of Brochure You Need for Your Business

There are many formats that you can use for brochure printing. Each kind of brochure has a specific purpose and caters to a specific audience. Follow the steps below to determine how to choose the type of brochure you need.

  1. Know your end goals. The first crucial step in deciding what brochure type is good for you is to know your end goals. Do you want your brochure to be a kind of advertising pamphlet or marketing tool? Should it teach people something or will it promote some kind of awareness? Will you make use of it as a form as well? Answering these questions will help you decide on the primary goal of the brochure. This information should help you as we move further through the steps.
  2. Understand your target market. Next, you need to understand your target market. Market research is crucial for a determined and efficient business. This also applies to brochures. If you know your target market, you know how they will respond to certain kinds of brochures. For example, some older people may be turned off by brochures in the mail since they think it is just junk mail. Some younger folks may appreciate a more interactive brochure where you can have something to solve or discover while reading the brochure. Know your target market, so that your brochure can cater to them.
  3. Determine your printing options. Afterwards, you may want to know your brochure printing options. I am sure you have a local or online brochure printing company already in mind when you start designing your color brochure. If you don't, then you should search for one. Look at their printing options and see if they can print different kinds of brochures. Some brochures have different ways in folding and others have special materials and cuts. Learn about these brochure printing options and decide what you want.
  4. Identify your distribution strategy. Now, you should also decide on how to distribute the brochures you are about to create. Will you mail them? Will you give them away like flyers? Will they be left at a counter or table for people to pick up themselves? Knowing your distribution strategy can determine your brochure's dimensions, affecting its overall design and nature.
  5. Decide on the kind of brochure. After gathering all that information, you should be ready to choose a specific brochure type. You can have supplemental brochures that you give to people as information aids for a presentation or service instruction. You can also have take-out brochures for people to peruse and pick up from counters that are used for advertising. Mailing brochures are the color brochures that you use for direct mailing. Form brochures are brochures for application forms and questionnaires. Finally, you have the interactive brochure where people can write, or have to solve or figure out something. This last one can be called an "entertainment" brochure as well, and is an alternative advertising tactic for brochures.
  6. Put it all together. With all the facts you have, you should already have a pretty good idea of the kind of brochure that you want. Match your goals, target market, printing options, distribution capability and brochure type. This should help you create a nice color brochure fit for your business.

Brochure Design Elements

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