How To Develop Sales and Marketing Strategies

Sales and Marketing: The Heart and Soul of Business

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Every company exists for the sole purpose of providing a product or service to the end user. No matter how fantastic a product or service is, you will never be able to sell and generate revenue unless the end user knows that it exists. Also if you are a small or home business owner with a set customer base and you only service those customers, and yet you have no active and ongoing marketing strategy, your business will not grow as much as it otherwise could have. Of course, your existing customers may increase their orders, but without a constant stream of new customers, your business will not grow beyond you and your current circumstance. Here are a few steps you can take to structure your sales and marketing strategies.

  1. Define who your ideal client is: Every company should have what may be termed as an 'ideal client profile'. That is, you should have in mind your perfect customer. That customer who may buy a low-priced product from you and then move up to buy higher ticket items and ultimately stay with you for years, recommending your product and service to other potential clients.
  2. Define your product funnel: Ideally you should have a range of products and services, starting from a low price and steadily moving up in price to your highest ticket product or service. I have low-priced digital products selling for less than $100; my highest priced products are my personal one-on-one business consulting services.
  3. Decide where you will bring in each client: This refers to your product funnel in conjunction with the ideal client profile. It may make sense to bring in some clients to purchase your lowest priced product in order to gain trust etc., and then move them up in price. With others, you may market to them so they come straight in to your funnel to purchase higher-priced products.
  4. Devise an ongoing outbound marketing strategy: You must put processes in place to ensure that, every Monday, you work on putting your message out to the marketplace so that you take in a steady stream of fresh prospects, some of whom eventually, ideally turn into customers.

The problem I normally come across is that most small business owners are very good at their skill or profession, but have not been schooled or skilled in business or marketing. The heart and soul of every business is sales and marketing; no matter whether you are running a dry cleaning service, soap making business, carpentry business or any other kind of business, the process of getting the message of your products and services out to the marketplace is critical to the long term success of your business. The companies who hire marketing consultants and/or spend money and time to go to seminars updating their skills are the ones who grow their revenues and live the lives of their dreams.

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