How To Direct Buy from Custom Jewelry Suppliers

Are you a jewelry retailer? Do you run a website that offers interesting jewelry pieces? Do you need to find a supplier where you can directly order custom jewelry sets? Here are some ideas. Read on:

  • Educate yourself. Know the latest buzz in the custom jewelry industry. You can talk to businessmen and customers alike. You can also check out trade shows, both locally and internationally. Trade shows can also allow you to personally meet some leading jewelry suppliers and/or manufacturers. By networking with them, you can readily build your business sense. You can keep yourself updated both with the latest and the forthcoming trends and innovations in custom jewelry-making.
  • Go on-line. Finding the right jewelry supplier for your desired custom pieces isn’t that complicated. You can search in Google. You can also check out some on-line directories dedicated to business undertakings. One good example is ThomasNet. It has a specific listing devoted to leading jewelry suppliers. Of course, you can directly access the jewelry suppliers through their official websites. Those on-line options can readily give you potential jewelry suppliers for your assessment and subsequent consideration.
  • Check out the custom jewelry pieces being showcased. It is common among supplier to list their new works and the pieces that are on sale. You can browse those on-line pages. See the various items, from rings to necklaces, from bracelets to earrings. Discover how unique are the pieces compared with the selections from other suppliers. You can also inquire about the materials used and the processes involved in manufacturing or making the pieces.
  • Establish contact with your target suppliers. You may send them an email through their official website. You can introduce your company and mention about your interest and plan. You may also request a catalog whenever it is available. Once you have started correspondence with them, keep your relationship going on. You can eventually arrange a meeting with their representatives so you further flesh out your business scheme.
  • Understand your target suppliers’ ordering and payment systems. Ask how your orders are going to be placed? How long is the processing period? Can payments be made using credit card? What about PayPal? Do they accept it? Are there additional charges if you order from a supplier based overseas? Are there minimum orders or everything should be placed in very big quantities? What arrangements can give you discounts? Do you need to meet some minimum requirement? Do you have to settle early? Who are the contact persons in case delays or discrepancies occur? Knowing the procedures to a tee allows you to do your future transactions smoothly and efficiently.

Never assume things when dealing with new suppliers. You need to verify details before you close a deal. Some transactions in this kind of business are prone to fraud. Your orders may also get lost or damaged along the way. You need to have the assurance that your order is secured. Otherwise, recouping your losses can be a big predicament. You don’t want that to happen.


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