How To Do a Criminal Background Check

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There are instances when you have to leave your kids at home with a nanny or you want to hire someone to babysit for you. You will have to interview and hire different people that you have no background information on. This may worry you and you might not feel at ease leaving your kids with a stranger. You can do a criminal background check on anyone that you know. By doing a background check, you will be assured that you are leaving your kids and home with a trustworthy person. You don't need to hire an investigator or call the police to conduct a criminal background check. There are other ways to conduct a criminal background check on your own.

Here are the steps on doing a criminal background check:

  1. Online. You can check anyone's criminal history record by logging on to the website This is an online background check engine. You can search anyone's criminal record on this website for free as long as you have their name.
  2. Using the website. When you access the website, the homepage has a search feature that will require you to put the name of the person that you want a background search on. You also have the option to choose the state where the person resides or you can also choose all states and you will have a list of all the names that you typed in. You can also use the advanced search feature to limit the search results. This will require you to type in more information, such as the year of birth, middle name and age range.
  3. Interpreting the results. Not everyone on the list is considered a criminal. This is a public criminal record and minor traffic offenses are also included on the list so you have to know how to interpret the data that will show up. There is a list of the names that will appear after you click on the search button. The name, birth date, address and criminal offense will appear. There are also legends to act as a guide for you. Bv stands for behavioral offense, Bu for business related offense, D for drug&alcohol offense, S for sex related offense, T for theft and robbery, V for violence and O for traffic and other cases.
  4. Viewing Details. You can click on the "View Details" button beside the name so that you can take a look at the details of the arrest record. Some of the information that you can see on the reports or records includes the date of birth, height, weight, hair color, eye color and the criminal offense details.

This is a way for you to check a person's criminal background easily. There is also other information on the website including neighborhood watch, sex offender finder, criminal alerts and criminal statistics. This will help you keep track of the strangers that are entering your house including carpenters, baby sitters, gardeners, electricians or even the friends of your children.


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