How To Do Product Placement in Movies

The field of marketing is becoming more and more complex, and new avenues for advertising are being utilized everyday. One of the best marketing and advertising strategies today is product placement. This is an indirect way of advertising a particular product by letting celebrities use the product in public, without having to formally advertise the product in a commercial or a newsprint advertisement. Unlike other forms of advertisements, the great impact which product placement has is that it creates the image that the personalities themselves are using the product. Apart from this, product advertising placement can also be done in movies as a type of large scale outdoor marketing gig. Here is how to do it.

  1. Choose the movie. Product placement in movies essentially means that your product will be shot while being used by the characters in a particular movie. Because the movie is one of the most powerful mediums today that has the capacity to reach out to millions upon millions of viewers from all over the world, a carefully strategized product campaign in a movie can launch your product to stardom or even a cult following. Before embarking on this type of ad campaign, however, you need to have a carefully chosen movie. Make sure that the film you choose will be watched by the same demographics or peoples who want to or who has the capacity to purchase your product. Selling luxury cars on a movie about poverty is probably not a good idea.
  2. Coordinate with the producers. Once you have chosen a good movie, the next step is to coordinate with the producers. Keep in mind that it is generally standard practice in the movie industry to minimize brand patronage especially when unintended. They may be using your product media as a prop for the movie, but without the approval from the producers, the product may be shot in angles that will not show the label.
  3. Check the script. Next, check out the script and determine the instances where your product can be used in the settings. If you are trying to place a shampoo product, for instance, you will have to find out how many times in the movie a scene in the bathroom is used. It is, of course, only in these shots and frames where your product has any chance of being incorporated into the movie. Apart from this, you may also have to talk to the director or ask the producers to talk to the director for you, in order for him to specifically include the product strategy in the shots.
  4. Prepare your products. Finally, you can begin preparing your products on set. Usually, a set designer will take care of this for you, but you can help by sending in the products. Apart from this, remember that some products are much more difficult to advertise than others. If you own a restaurant, for instance, you will need to let the movie use your establishment in order for your restaurant to be included.

With the right connections in the film industry, getting product placement in a movie can be done. Once the film is released, you can be sure that plenty of people will see your product. And unlike commercials on the television, they will not see your product as an advertising gimmick, but as the character's choice.


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