How To Do Russian Legal Research

If you are in the situation that you need to do legal research in regard to dealings with or about Russia, there are several steps you should take before proceeding. The Russian legal system, while set up similarly to the United States, is also quite different.

You will need to familiarize yourself with either the Civil Code of the Russian Federation or the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.  By review what type of case you are about to proceed with from your research in these two subjects will determine your next step.

Russia has a very distinct set of laws governing different situations.  There are laws that are set up exclusively for Economic Laws, Company and Commercial Laws, Tax Codes and Family Law.  Other situations are governed under different headings and you must be sure to carefully select where your case will proceed.

You should become very familiar with the Russian Constitution.  Their Constitution sets forth rights and laws that differ from United States laws and certain cases are only heard as a Constitutional Matter.

Another thing to consider is if the case can be considered to be relevant to International laws.  Russia is a very large country, encompassing over a million miles, and has many borders.  Many dealings might have to be handled under international jurisdiction. If this is so you will still have to compare the Russian law that pertains to the subject matter to the international law that is in place.

When you are researching Russian laws you will have to verify if there are Treaties in place that could have been violated, international laws such as UN or INTERPOL issues and also if it has anything to do with Maritime law.  Again if it is maritime law you will have to determine if it is national or international and handle accordingly. Each of these separate laws must be checked if the dealings are between parties in two or more countries.  Internal Russian disputes should not have to include all this research.

While all this sounds very hard and confusing it really is not.  Start with a good law library or law research website and go from there.  It is no harder to research Russian laws then it is United States laws.  You just need to know where to look, document yourself flawlessly and follow the trail that leads to the end.  All legal research must be done diligently so that the law is complied to and justice is served.


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