How To Do Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is actually one of the oldest tools in the book. It has changed names many times through the decades, but still holds the same essential keys.

Something that is 'viral', means that it is 'contagious'. Something that can spread uncontained throughout a community. It is something that propels itself and needs very little from its origin to continue spreading. Just like a virus, it should be able to adapt and spread through carriers, or rather 'consumers', who help it continue to adapt and grow.

Step 1

As we read in the introduction, Viral Marketing is essentially creating a system of advertising that supports itself and grows on its own. Doing this is a bit tricky, and takes a bit of skill and a lot of luck to succeed with.

It also requires a positive and enlightened mind that will not stop because of a few rejections. Just like a seed from an old oak tree, you have to help it grow before it will take off on its own.

So, for step one, I am going to get you started with one of the simplest and oldest forms of viral marketing.

Now, just because I say it is the 'simplest' does not necessarily make it 'simple'.

You will want to design or have designed and flyer or poster for the object, product or service that you want to market.

Post it on telephone polls, in mailboxes and in any social areas that people will gather.

You will want to stop and solicit people or persons and tell them about what you're doing, what your goals are, and what it can do for them.

Your goal here is to use 'Word of Mouth' or WOM. It will become your virus, and it is unstoppable once it is started.

People love to talk, and especially about something they know about and others do not.

Step 2

Another form of Viral Marketing is the new millennium's best form, Social Marketing.

Myspace, Yahoo, Facebook, Netlog, and Yuwie were all made with the general purpose of collecting consumers that could not be targeted in any other way.

Use any and all social networking, or social marketing sites that you can.

Step 3

Public speaking is also a great way to create Viral Marketing. It is a bit more complex than just going door to door or standing in the mall.

You will want to create a reason for people to come to you and listen to what you have to say.

Once you get them there, you will have to find a way to captivate and engage them in what you want them to do. This is often done in fundraising and charity gatherings.

You can use the above steps to promote a public speaking event.


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