How To Donate Children's Toys

It gives you a great feeling when you can make someone happy even with a simple gift. Collecting and donating children's toys to less fortunate kids is one way to share your joy and put smiles on the faces of children who will receive these toys. You can send toys to children’s hospital wards, to charities and community organizations and to those organizations that need toys for distribution to various affiliate organizations.

  1. Collect toys that your children have outgrown. You can send them to the children’s wing of a local hospital or the institute for young cancer patients. They are always in need of good toys to keep sick children happy and provide them some comfort and make them forget their sickness.
  2. Buy toys from every month and donate them to a national organization. The Ronald McDonald Foundation usually asks for toy donations early so they will have time to distribute the toys during the Christmas season.
  3. Check with your local church organizations if they are running a donation drive for food, toys and clothing. Most of the time they have one of these drives during the holiday season. You can begin collecting toys at the start of the year and donate your collection during the last quarter.
  4. Make sure that the toys you donate are clean, complete and safe to use by very young children and those of school age. Check the Goodwill website and follow their guidelines for donation acceptance.
  5. Make a list of your favorite charities. These non-profit organizations will surely welcome your toy donations. Most of these charities deal with a lot of children of all ages and ethnicity and they are always on the lookout for donors. Toys are very important to charities as these can calm and comfort children and keep them company. You can also check with them to ask what types of toys they usually need.
  6. Make a list of homeless shelters, orphanages and child welfare agencies and ask how you can donate toys to them. These agencies usually depend on donations for funding and buying toys can drain their meager resources. If you have plenty of toys to donate, divide them among these organizations so you can spread the cheer to a lot more children.
  7. Save those toys that come with a purchase as promotional items. They can come in handy. Include them in your stash of toys. Encourage your children and other family members to take care of their toys and add them to your stash when they no longer want to play with them. Take your child along when you make your donation so that he can feel how it is to donate things that can make other children happy.
  8. Do not wait for the holidays to make your toy donation. Spread the goodwill all year round and donate toys any time of the year.

Make sure that the toys you are going to donate are still functional and all the parts are still intact when you donate used toys. If you are buying toys in bulk for donation, make sure that they are educational, safe and will not pose any hazard to children. Have a variety of toys suitable for all ages. Always ask for a receipt so that you can claim some tax deductions for your donations.


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