How To Download a Voter Registration Form

The rules and regulations for voter registration vary in each territory and state. Contact your local state election office to get the right information on how to register to vote. Below are some sites that provide information and downloadable Voter Registration Forms:

  • Election Assistance Commission website - This site has a downloadable National Mail Voter Registration Form to update information if you have changed your name, changed address, want to register with a political party or to simply register to vote. You can get information on the rules and regulations of the various states and territories, the registration deadlines, websites, additional contact information and mailing addresses.
  • For California residents - This web page provides information on voter registration. Download, fill out the form and print the application. Sign it and immediately mail the form to the elections office address that has been pre-printed on the form you filled out.
  • Maryland's official website – This site gives information for voting, voter registration, and other election-related data. Follow the instructions to fill out and print the form. Sign where appropriate, before mailing it to the State Board of Elections address or your county's Board of Elections office.
  • For Minnesota residents - Registration is required at least 20 days before the Election Day or at your polling place on Election Day. Read the confidentiality notice on the registration application before filling it out. This site has downloadable voter registration applications in PDF form, large print or text, with a downloadable file for translations of Voter Registration Applications in Homing, Spanish, Somali, Russian, and Vietnamese.

Here are general guidelines regarding the voter registration process.

  1. Fill out a hard copy of the Voter Registration Application form or download a copy from the web. If you are temporarily residing or visiting another state and want to register in your home state, download and complete a National Mail Voter Registration Form.
  2. Sign and date the application after the oath printed on the form. Your signature signifies that you swear you are eligible to vote. Application forms without your original signature will not be processed.
  3. Mail your application form to your State Election Board or your county's Board of Elections office. Do not email or fax your application form.
  4. Wait for your Voter Identification Card to be mailed to you. When your application is approved, your county election board will mail your voter identification card. If you are not approved, your name will not be listed as a registered voter. If your registration application cannot be approved, the county election board mails a letter to inform you why. The letter explains what steps to take to properly register. You may be asked to mail back the letter with additional information, or to mail another filled out voter registration application form.
  5. Upon receipt of your identification card, verify all the information listed. Your identification card should have your complete name correctly spelled, your address, political affiliation and your voting precinct's polling place. Immediately report errors to be changed to the County Election Board.
  6. Secure your voter identification card and take it with you when you go to your polling place to vote.


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