How To Edit and Improve Your Current Poster Design

Posters can be very effective marketing tools for your business or event.  Posters that are well designed, well made, and well located can bring in the traffic that you desire.  But poster printing that does not meet those requirements can simply be a waste of valuable time and money.  Here are some ways to make sure your posters are as powerful as they can be.

Step 1

What is your goal? Before you design a new poster or edit your current one, you have to know exactly what you are trying to do.  Are you using the poster to attract attention to your business or event?  Or will it be used to give viewers a brief overview of your product or service?  Or perhaps you simply want to bring awareness to an issue or a cause within your community.  Your goal in printing the poster will help you design it.

Step 2

Make it speak for itself. If, during the design phase, you find that you have to continue adding explanatory information to your poster, then something is wrong.  A good poster is one that explains itself to viewers.  Your poster should be simple and understandable.  You should not have to add anything to it beyond the essentials.

Step 3

Keep everything in order. Along the same lines, you want your poster to be designed in a way that makes it attractive yet easy to read.  Using a column format is a good choice if you will have a good deal of text in your poster.  The key, again, is to not overdo anything.  Keep everything as simple as you can while conveying your message and meeting your goal.

Step 4

If you do use text, make it big. We have pretty much established that the less text you use in your poster, the better.  But most of the time at least some text will be necessary.  Make sure you make it big enough to be read from a reasonable distance.  You do not want to make viewers squint to read it, or have to move right up next to it. 

Step 5

Use pictures and highlights efficiently. Pictures, images, and other highlighting techniques (colors, arrows, etc) usually make a good touch on a poster.  Make sure that any of these things apply to your event or business and serve to achieve your goal.  You might be tempted to include fancy pictures that are appealing but do not relate to what you are trying to do.  Resist that urge.  Keep it simple and to the point.

Step 6

Know your audience. Since you already know what you are trying to accomplish, you should also know who you want to see your posters.  Figure out how to approach those people, and make sure everything that you include in your poster does just that. 

Step 7

Location, location, location. The greatest poster in the world cannot succeed if it is not placed in the right locations.  Determine beforehand where your posters would have the greatest impact.  Where do the people that you are targeting congregate?  That is where your posters need to be.


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