How To Effectively Complain About a Company

If you've got a problem with a company you're dealing with, then you likely want to file a complaint. But in order to have your concerns heard, it's important to follow the right process for filing a complaint. Here are a few tips to help you effectively complain about a company.

Step 1

Talk to management. Before you blow an issue with a company out of proportion, talk to management. Approach them calmly and professional state your issues. Ask what their policy is for dealing with the problem and tell them what you'd like done. Have all contracts, receipts or warranties in front of you in case management requires them. Then allow management enough time to deal with your complaint. If you are not satisfied, consider these other options for effectively complaining about a company.

Step 2

Write a formal letter to the company. The next step to effectively complaining about a company is to write a formal letter to them. Specifically state your concerns. Is something not working correctly? Did they under-deliver? Was customer service awful? Once you have expressed your concerns and complaints, mention any suggestions you have for resolving the issue. You can ask for things to be repaired, replaced or reimbursed.  It's also a good idea to send along a copy of any proof or documentation that you have that pertains to your interactions with that company. Mention any specific people you remember dealing with and include any receipts, warranties or contracts you had (ensuring that you retain the original copy for yourself).

Step 3

Contact other companies. Often, the company you dealt with is affiliated with a larger association. If you feel that your complaint isn't being dealt with effectively, bypass that company and go to their superiors. Look for a customer service center that you can contact or a manufacturer that deals with the company. Call any toll-free number you can find on the packaging or company website until you reach someone who can help you to effectively deal with your complaint. In addition, most companies have national offices, and it might benefit you to contact them as well.

Step 4

Avoid bad business transactions. As a consumer, you can avoid having to make complaints by making wise decisions. If an offer seems unrealistic, it probably is. Look for a catch. Read online reviews before purchasing a product or committing to a company. Recognize any risks and take all precautions to know what you are getting into before problems arise. The best way to deal with complaints about a company is to not have to make them in the first place.


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