How To Encourage New Customers to Try Your Product

Getting the attention of new customers is one story, and motivating them to try your product is another. New customers are kind of critical and careful. They don’t easily give in to claims, they need proof, they look for quality, and they operate on the word trust. So yes, persuading your new customers entails some real hard work and a lot of effort. And to help you, here are some ways to encourage new customers to give your product a try.

Present testimonials and reviews. Customer feedback is one of the greatest forms of advertising. In fact, customers are more trustful of it than most forms of advertising. So make sure you are ready with your customer testimonials and product reviews. If you own a physical store, distribute flyers to new customers. If you own an online store, dedicate one corner or one page of the website to testimonials and reviews. There’s one thing to keep in mind, though: see to it that your testimonials and reviews are legitimate, meaning they are done by your customers and not by people who are paid to do such things.

Give free samples. You are not losing anything when you are giving away free samples. The truth is that it is an investment. It’s like telling your customers you are confident of your product and you would like them to experience it for themselves. If they are satisfied, they are likely to come and buy from you. And in the end, you receive much more than you initially gave away. You might see it as a form of risk, but here’s the thing: successful businesses did and still do give away free samples. They trust their products that much that they aren’t worried about not getting anything in return.

Offer related services. Customers sometimes want extra services to go with the product, so make sure you have one to even more encourage your customers. For instance, offer free or low rate delivery or repair service. But remember this: just because they are extra services, and sometimes free, doesn’t mean they have to be inferior in quality. Commit every part of your business, free and low-rate services included, to quality and excellence.

Make sure your store is clean and organized. If you own a physical store, remember that its physical appearance says something about the quality of your product and the overall condition of your business. Customers are easily turned off by an unsightly and messy store, no matter how good your products are. So especially if your product is food-related, make sure your store is clean and sanitized. Your staff as well should be presentable, polite, and professional.

See to it that the ordering process is easy. People these days are busy and opt to buy things quick. Therefore, make sure your ordering and buying process are uncomplicated. Don’t ask customers to complete too many forms, have them wait in a long queue, or make them deal with one store attendant for every procedure. In other words, come up with a strategy that makes shopping in your store enjoyable, hassle-free, and even fun.

Above all, make sure your product is of high quality and worth the price. Nothing encourages new customers to buy a product better than the product itself.


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