How To Establish a Strong Customer Relations Identity

Here is a business reality:  it is more costly for you to replace a client than to keep an existing one. Of course, critical in maintaining a first-rate affinity with your highly-valued client is an excellent customer relations identity. So, how do you create and establish it?  Here are some principles for you to live by:  

  1. Prove to your customer that your product offers a real value-for-money. Most of the time, your customer associates price to quality. If your product is a bit expensive, he expects it to be more durable, functional, and undeniably state-of-the-art. Not less than that. He should be able to use your product for a reasonable period of time. Now, if your product is inferior and you still made it very pricey, you are literally courting trouble. You are bound to lose your customer in an instant. Think again and be honest with your customer. Call spade a spade.
  2. Show to your customer that you are reliable. If your customer places an order on-line, he expects to receive it promptly. If there are unavoidable delays, he should be informed immediately. Otherwise, he simply gets the impression that your company is unreliable. The same thing is true when he calls on your office for assistance. If you promise to send a representative to help on the next working day, don’t fail to fulfill that. If your representative doesn’t show up and he calls to follow up, expect him to be disappointed by your service.
  3. Offer your customer with something that goes beyond your usual standard of service. One good example here is how you implement your policy on product warranty. What will you do if your product conks out or is found defective just after a day your customer bought it?  Well, the way you distinctly, efficiently, and quickly handles the situation sets your customer relations identity.
  4. Create a customer service center. You should designate some of your personnel to handle customer-related inquiries, complaints, concerns, and problems 24/7, particularly if you operate nationwide. If there is somebody answering in your customer service center, your client is already appeased. He is conditioned to believe that your company is trustworthy and that you value your customers above all things. Just make sure that the personnel who are manning your customer service center are committed, professional, and thorough. Otherwise, their failure to render quality customer service is synonymous with customer dissatisfaction. Your customer service center should be properly publicized. Indicate the contact numbers in your website and in all of your advertisements or press releases.

Now, if your business thrives on personal service, you may need to hire a qualified professional to concentrate on building the customer relationship. His job is strictly limited in guaranteeing that your customers are satisfied. His success in maintaining excellent customer relations can readily generate more revenue. Expect repeat transactions from your happy customers and then, reap from their referrals. They are definitely going to tell their friends and colleagues about your special treatment.


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