How To Evaluate Service in a Restaurant

There are different types of restaurants—fast food, casual, fine dining, etc., and each of these attracts customers in different ways. However, not all restaurants have good service. There are even restaurants that have snobby waiters and waitresses and in the end, the customers look for another place to eat even if they serve appetizing foods. If you are going to evaluate a restaurant to inform the customers on its service, you should remain objective and not let your own opinions get in the way.

If you want to know how to evaluate service in a restaurant, here are some tips:

  1. The presentation of a restaurant is the first impression of a customer. If you enter a restaurant and it appears unkempt, dirty, and not cozy, most probably you as a customer will walk out the door and look for a cleaner place to eat in. If a restaurant is dirty, it is assumed that the service is also poor since if the staff can not keep the place clean, then how will they take care of their food and customers?
  2. Once you go to a restaurant, how long do you have to wait before the host or hostess acknowledges you? If there are a lot of customers, it is understandable if it takes a while before you are acknowledged, but if there are only a few, they should be able to greet you right away.
  3. See if the host is presentable and friendly enough so that you will be comfortable in the place. He should also be knowledgeable of their products so that if ever you have questions about the food on their menu, he will be able to answer with ease and also satisfy you. If ever he does not know about a certain dish that you are inquiring on, he should be honest enough to say he does not know.
  4. After ordering your meal, it is time it to see if the meal was served in the right amount of time. A dish should not take too long to serve, unless necessary. You should be informed if it will take more than 15 minutes. Once served  examine the presentation if it is clean and appetizing to look at. Also check if the utensils given are clean. If you have certain orders on how to have your meal cooked, check if the dish was served according to your liking. These groups of information pertain to the good service of the staff, as well as the promptness and listening well to the needs of the customer.
  5. After eating your meal, you ask for the bill. In doing this, you should note if the host immediately services your request. Note these facts: Did you have a hard time getting the attention of the host for your bill? Did you feel like they were rushing you out of the restaurant? Do they keep your beverage full? Are they attentive enough? Are they courteous and did they ask you to visit again next time?

If you have taken the necessary notes, you may now start evaluating the restaurant that you have visited.


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