How To Expand Business to Australia and UK

For any business owner, a successful company is a dream come true. And when your company is doing so well that you're considering expanding to Australia and UK, you may be wondering where to start. The global market has so much potential, but can you do it? There are different international laws and regulations to consider, for one. And do you need to adapt your product to the markets in Australia and UK? Use these helpful tips below to answer all your questions about how to expand business to Australia and UK.

Step 1

Know the industry you're getting into. Although it may be fruitful in America, you'll need to analyze the industry before you even begin to expand business to Australia and UK. Talk to people who are in the same business in those countries, attend conferences and seminars, and review international market studies. You want to make sure that you are fully educated on the state of the industry in Australia and UK before you expand there.

Step 2

Consider demographic, economic and cultural factors. When you decide to expand your business to Australia and UK, ensure that your product will still be successful given the varying market factors. Is the population there interested in your product? Is the Australian or UK economy stable enough to penetrate right now, or is there a recession that might inhibit your business growth? And in general, will your product be well-received in Australia and UK? Again, this goes back to knowing the industry and making sure that there is a viable market for your product before you expand business to Australia and UK.

Step 3

Adapt your business plan. You've probably already got a business plan for your current company. But you're going to need to amend this to consider Australia and UK business practices. Lay out your goals for your business in Australia and UK, and outline what financing you'll need to expand your business to Australia and UK. You need to know what your pricing strategy will be, who your potential customers are, what your legal responsibilities are to enter into the market there, and how you're going to transport your goods (if applicable). Usually, there will be an international overhead cost that you'll need to be aware of when pricing your product. There are these things to consider and more when you expand your business to Australia and UK, so you want to make sure that your business plan clearly outlines your plan of action.

Step 4

Make connections in your market. Your business will have a much better chance in Australia and UK if you have the support of your industry partners there. For this reason, it is important to make business connections with people in the Australian and UK markets. Look for companies, agents or product distributors that you can learn from or do business with. Get on mailing lists and join the necessary associations in Australia and UK so that you remain up to date on the industry when you expand business to Australia and UK.

Step 5

Follow through on legal obligations. In order to expand business to Australia and UK, you need to ensure that you're got all of the proper documentation in place. You'll need to have international shipping documents, licenses, taxation documents, and bank accounts. The government needs to know that you are operating in Australia and UK legally, so double-check that you have fulfilled all of these obligations. An industry competitor would be a good company to approach about necessary documentation. Plus, it would create another business connection for you which helps when you are trying to expand business to Australia and UK.

Step 6

Dive in! Once you've properly amended your business to meet Australian and UK markets and you're happy that your business will succeed there, you need to go about the basic task of setting up shop there. You'll need to find a place to work from, hire some help, and acquire inventory. A good marketing strategy will do wonders as your expand business to Australia and UK, so don't go light on this. You want to penetrate the market with full force as you expand to Australia and UK, so get your company name out there as many ways as you can. Use word of mouth, advertisements and promotions to let people know that your company has arrived in Australia and UK and is ready for business.


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