How To File a Business 941 Form

Should you even file a Business 941 Form? You are probably required to file Form 941 if you withhold federal, social security, and Medicare taxes from your employees’ paychecks. You will use Form 941 to report your quarterly taxes. You can send this report to one of the IRS’s regional offices.

To file your own Business Form 941 form, you’ll need the following:

  • The Business 941 form and the accompanying instruction package. You can get these at the official website of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at Once you’ve downloaded the form, print out the form as well as the instruction booklet.
  • You’ll also need your Employer Identification Number (EIN). Double, even triple check this number. Get this right or else form can get delayed.
  • Your payroll reports should be ready and in order.

Since Business Form 941 is due every quarter, you should note the appropriate dates down on your calendar. Take note of the following dates: April 30, July 31, October 31, and January 31. Those are the due dates of quarterly reports on taxes paid for each quarter.

Now you’re going to work with the Business 941 form itself. Keep the instruction booklet close at hand. This section assumes that you will fill out the Form 941 form offline and submit it to the appropriate IRS regional office.

Start with lines one to six. The first six lines pertain to social security, Medicare, and federal taxes. Compute for the total compensation, wages, and tips that are subject to the aforementioned taxes. Then collate all the payroll data on all the employees who get a paycheck from your company. You will enter all this data on your Form 941 on lines one to six.

Go to line seven. In case you require adjustments for all the taxes paid on insurance and sick pay, make those adjustments here.

Move on to lines eight and nine. If you think your company has, at some point, overpaid your taxes, or if you think your company might be entitled to any “special additions”, then you should read the line-by-line instructions on lines eight and nine. You might find that you have credits due you.

Check if you need to fill out Form 8109.
You need to fill out Form 8109 if you happen to owe more than $2,500 for the quarter. When you do this, your taxes will be deposited with a federal depository. However, if you owe less than that for the quarter, you can then wait until you file a return at the end of the year before paying up.

Depending on where in the county your business is based, you need to find out where to send your finished tax report. The regional office to which you need to send the report is dependent on which state your business is in. You can pinpoint your particular regional office by looking it up in the Form 941’s instruction booklet.

That’s all there is to it. The most important thing is to get all your records in order and check the instruction booklet when you find yourself in doubt.


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