How To File a Road Accident Claim in Malaysia

About 26 out of 100,000 people are killed in vehicular crashes in Malaysia. It is country with a very high per capita fatality rate. In case you get involved in a vehicular accident in Malaysia, here's how you can file a road accident claim.

  1. Calm down. The first thing you should do if you get involved in a car accident is to try to calm down. Easy as it may sound, this can be hard, especially if you suffered any injuries.
  2. Get the vehicle details. Then take down some details of the vehicles involved in the accident like the vehicle's registration number, the year the vehicle was made and its model, and the vehicle's color.
  3. Get the details of the persons involved. The next thing to do is to take down some details about the drivers, the passengers, or the witnesses. Get their name and address, driving license number, identity card number, and their business and residential telephone numbers.
  4. Take some pictures. If you brought a camera, try to take some photographs of the accident scene, and the damages in the vehicles involved. If you were able to take some photos, always remember to keep it in a safe place. You might need these photos as evidence in case you go to court.
  5. File a police report. Go to the nearest police station as soon as possible, and file a police report within 24 hours after the accident happened. If you were injured, go to a hospital first and seek medical aid, then you can file the police report at the police base in the hospital. Make sure that you explain how the accident happened in the report. The police report needs to be in Malaysia's official language, Bahasa Malaysia. If you cannot write in Bahasa Malaysia, explain how the accident happened to the police on duty, and have him write it down for you. Always remember to sign at the bottom of the report and ask for a certified copy of the forms.
  6. Deal with the damages done. Read your insurance policy and check if the accident is covered by it. If it is, contact your insurance company as soon as possible and have your car towed to an authorized workshop for it to be assessed by your insurance company. If you were injured, go to a hospital and seek medical aid. Always remember to get a medical report. Don't forget to keep the receipts of every expense that you incurred.
  7. Claim for damage. You can either get your car accident insurance claim from your insurance company, or from the other party's insurance company. When claiming from your insurance company, they will pay the difference between what was stated in your excess clause and your claim. If your claim is lower than what was stated in your excess clause, then they will not pay you anything. When seeking auto accident settlements from the other party involved, you should get accident attorneys to take care of your traffic accident claim. Automobile accident attorneys usually handle these types of cases. If you are a tourist in Malaysia, you can contact your country's embassy stationed there and ask for help to get a lawyer. If you are from the UK, for example, you can contact the British embassy for help.

If your road accident claim goes to trial in the court and you win, the other party's insurance company will issue you a check and give it to your lawyer. Your lawyer will then contact you for you to claim it from him. Always remember that it is your right to get and choose your own lawyer. Do not let others force you into getting one that you don't like.


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