How To Fill Up Form I-90

Filing an I-90 form is a way to replace your permanent resident card (USCIS Form I-551) also called a “Green Card”. This card will be your only evidence that you are permitted to work or live permanently in a state (such as the United States of America). A person can only file a replacement under these common conditions:

  • It was lost, tampered or stolen.
  • The information on your previous card is incorrect.
  • Changes in your status.
  • You did not receive the card that the USCIS issued.

If you meet any of these conditions, you can apply through internet or calling request line for I-90 form 1 (800) 870-3676 to order. Visit the USCIS site if you are using the internet and download the form. If you have the form, read it thoroughly to understand the questions.

Steps on how to fill up Form I-90

  • On the first part, write your personal information. It includes your full name, complete address, birth date, place of birth and your SSN (Social Security Number). Answer each line with the correct information, as incorrect details might result in problems later on. Do not leave a blank space, unless absolutely necessary.
  • On the second part, state the reasons on filing and resident status. It is stated above the accepted conditions on filing an I-90 form. If your reason is legally accepted, then write it on the blank space.
  • Continue to the third part of the form. This part is place where you will write your father’s and mother’s name. Also fill up the place you were born, the city and consulate where your applied visa was issued. Don’t forget to write the admission date.
  • Proceed to the second stage of part 3. This section is for immigrants. If you entered the United States of America with an immigrant visa, answer the following questions regarding your entry. If the answer for this question is “yes,” then enter detailed answers. Non immigrants may skip this part and proceed to part 4 and 5 of the form.
  • Complete the I-90 form. To complete the form, write your name and the date of filing. If a relative or a friend filled the form, he/she must sign it. Follow the instructions to prevent incorrectness.
  • •    The complete form must be submitted to USCIS. If the form has sub-parts or documents, attach it to the form. Mail the form USCIS, PO box 21262. Phoenix Arizona 85036. Wait for the approval of the form. If it is approved, The USCIS will mail you with a new Permanent Resident Card “Green Card” with Form I-551 and a ten year expiry date issuance.

Possession of a “green card” carries with it rights and responsibilities. If you are a Lawful Permanent Resident in the US, be sure to keep your records and information updated, to avoid any inconvenience. In the event that you need a replacement of your permanent resident card, then the above-mentioned tips should be helpful.


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