How To Find a Birth Certificate in the Public Records

Looking for birth certificates, or have you lost a copy of your birth records but have no idea where to get hold of another copy? Birth certificates are very important documents. They are used for passport applications and if you are trying to locate someone or wish to get in touch with a friend's parents or relatives so that you can conduct a background check. So how do you find a birth certificate in the public records? Since most state considers this a public record, they would release it to anyone. 

If you are faced with a hurdle in getting a birth certificate in the public records here are some things that could be of help: 

  • If you want to find a copy of a U.S birth certificate, there will be times that you will be required to give a reason to get a copy of the birth certificate. Research of your genealogy is one valid reason. If there is no need for the actual copy of the document, you may write to the appropriate agency to do research to confirm a birth took place.
  • is a place where you can search for your birth certificate or someone else's birth dates. The services on this website are for free and you can order them at any time. 

Public birth records are actually kept by the government of each state in the US. A birth certificate documents a person's date of birth. The records are based on the hospitals' submission of the birth certificates. Birth certificates also record historical and demographic information. If you want to obtain a copy of your birth certificate, you should file with the local registrar in the county where you were born. This is filed electronically and can be claimed only by the person named on the birth record.  And if you are wondering how to get hold of a marriage license, you need to file a separately sworn application for the license to be obtained from the proper civil registrar. There are other public records you can get from your local civil registrar aside from birth records; you could also get a copy of death records or death certificates and also get a marriage license.  

Birth certificates, marriage certificates or death certificates should not be fabricated, since these are legal documents. They are vital records, and getting a fake certificate would cause you serious legal problems. So make sure that your birth certificates are legitimate and certified true copies.  

With modern technology, getting your birth certificate has now become hassle free. Getting your certificates online significantly shortens the time you would usually experience if you get it the old way. Almost all states now provide an online service allowing you to not only get birth certificates but also other legal documents. Without legitimate papers like your birth certificates, marriage licenses or at other times divorce decrees it can be difficult to get mortgages, loans or even a passport. For your convenience and ease in getting your birth certificates and other documents, online makes so much sense.


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