How To Find a Blank Calendar Template

It is easy enough to find a traditional calendar from bookstores, stationery shops, and specialty paper stores; however, a personalized calendar has a unique quality that makes people want to learn to make their own. Especially for special occasions and holidays, making a family calendar to give away as a present is now made easy through use of calendar templates. You can easily find a calendar template at websites such as,,, and Blank calendars have the added advantage of being easy to reuse, because the dates and days can be customized from year to year. The calendar pages can easily be customized to suit your individual tastes and preferences.

The following are steps on how to use the calendar-maker software that can be found on selected websites:

  • For make sure that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your computer; this software is necessary before you can proceed with the next steps. There is a link on the website which you can click to install a free Adobe Acrobat Reader version in your computer, if you don’t have one yet. If you prefer, downloads for Microsoft Excel are also available. The next step is to choose which template you would prefer. There are thumbnails which show the formats of the different templates.  This makes it easy to choose the one you prefer. Click on the link, and you should now be able to download the template of your choice.
  • For, it is necessary to create an account before you can create your own calendar. The advantage of using this website is that you do not need to install additional software in order to make your calendar; everything you need is right there on the site, as long as you register for an account. Also, creating an account has the added benefit of allowing you to share your calendar securely with online contacts with the use of password-protected calendar sharing. If you prefer, however, you can certainly keep it private. Additionally, since the calendar is online and linked to your account, whatever updates you make on your calendar will be automatically shared with your online contacts to which you have given calendar access. The first step is to click on the “Create My Free Calendar” button, which will lead you to a page where you can input the basics of your calendar: the calendar name, which holidays to include, and whether you prefer your calendar to start on a Sunday or a Monday. You will then click on the “Create My Free Calendar” button located at the bottom of the page, and personalize it as you prefer.

Different websites have different methods and requirements for those who wish to use their blank calendar templates; some will require that you install additional software to enable you to download their templates, while others will require you to create an account with their site. The important thing is to determine for which purpose you are creating the calendar; if you want to print it out to give to people, then a simple download and print website may suffice; if you want to be able to keep a record online and share your information with others, then creating an account may be more appropriate.


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