How To Find a Company Offering List Services

The world of marketing offers many different options to companies that wish to promote their products and services. One of the most commonly used techniques is to employ mail list services to deliver product information straight to the target audience. One of the advantages of the list industry is that they can provide a more targeted approach to sending your message. The best way to find a company that offers list services is to approach a list consultancy firm; most companies that offer list services have a good number of databases that can be used for newsletter services.

The following are tips on finding companies that offer list services to fit your needs:

  1. State Your Purpose.  The most important thing to establish, before you even begin your search for companies that offer list services, is the purpose for using list services. Are you looking for volunteer services, bulk services, newsletter distribution, or direct mail product distribution? Knowing your aim before you choose your list service company will help with targeting customers and narrowing down your search.
  2. Marketing Websites. The best place to look for a company that offers list services is a marketing-related website, such as, which offers a myriad of marketing services for businesses that wish to outsource some marketing activities to a specialist company. The website gives a comprehensive list of, and links to, companies that offer listing services - such as AAA Mailing Lists, Access Brokers, AccuData America, and others.  One good reason for employing the services of these marketing websites is the specialized databases that they have; regardless of the purpose that you may have for wanting to employ the services of a company that offers list services, you are bound to find a company that can fulfill your needs.
  3. Shop Around. Once you have found a good marketing services website, don’t hesitate to explore all the options presented to you in the site. Take your time and check all of the leads; each company that offers list services has a particular combination of listings that targets different companies and clients. For example, does not only compile, accumulate, and disseminate consumer information, it also analyzes the information that they have gathered and interprets this information in a manner that will benefit the client. They offer list services for direct mail products, consumer response leads, business to business lists, opt-in email marketing, and real-time leads.   Other websites, such as, offer not only client lists, but also mortgage leads - databases that detail the ideal subprime candidates and prospects; professional lists, which provide a database of professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, and the like; magazine buyer leads, which are collections of mail order buyers, magazine subscribers, and other individuals who are likely candidates for purchasing magazine subscriptions; credit repair leads, which are databases of people who were turned down by other credit card companies, and are therefore potential credit card customers; and business opportunity seekers.

Finding a company that offers list services is a breeze, as long as you have a good idea of which particular group of consumers or potential clients you are trying to target.


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