How To Find a Criminal Attorney in Virginia

There are a lot of places where you can look for a criminal attorney in Virginia - yellow pages, classifieds, and flyers - the works. But perhaps the most convenient place to find an attorney is on the Internet. You can find a divorce attorney, a DUI attorney, an immigration attorney, a Vioxx attorney, and just about any kind of attorney all in the convenience of your own home, and that includes a criminal attorney. Whatever your federal offense is, if you're in the state of Virginia, you can rest easy knowing that a criminal attorney is no more than a few clicks away.

There are a number of great websites that will help you find a criminal attorney in Virginia.attorneypages, lawyers, and lawyers.justia will all help you get a good criminal attorney. Another helpful website is attorneylocate, which provides a service for helping users find a lawyer in specific states. You can also try searching for criminal lawyers that specialize in certain cases. One such website, virginia-dui-lawyer, helps you find a DUI attorney in Virginia - a website can be that specific! Whatever your legal needs are, there's most likely a site that will help you find exactly what you're looking for.

Of course, if you're in need of real help, you know that not just any criminal attorney will do. You'll want to find one of the best criminal lawyers in Virginia to aid you in your legal battles. How exactly do you find a good criminal attorney?

You can start by looking for a former prosecutor. Prosecutors, even in Virginia, tend to handle a lot more cases than defense attorneys. They also have in-depth knowledge of how police and federal investigations play out, making them very handy criminal lawyers. This experience can prove to be invaluable in your federal case.

In terms of experience, it will also be good to ask your criminal attorney about this. He must be ready for full-scale litigation depending on your case. Trial law is a skill that criminal lawyers can develop only out of working a lot of cases.

There will be some cases where your criminal attorney won't be the one handling your case. It could be that he's not licensed in Virginia and is just referring you to someone else. If you want the best legal help, you want the criminal attorney you're contacting to handle your case. You probably got his name from a referral, adding to his reputability. You don't want him to just pass you off to other criminal lawyers.

Make sure your criminal attorney carries malpractice insurance. Any criminal attorney that does not have malpractice insurance does not run a trusted office. Avoid them at all costs! The best criminal lawyers will hold themselves liable for any malpractice on their part, and will offer insurance should the worst happen. You can check this fact by checking Virginia's state bar website at Find the Attorney Records Search page and look for your criminal attorney's name. If he's licensed in Virginia and carries malpractice insurance, the search results will yield that information.


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