How To Find a Moving Company Providing International Or Long-Distance Services

People seem to move around a lot these days, and families often have to transfer to a new place when one or both parents get a job in another city. Whatever the circumstances are, moving to a new home takes a lot of work, from packing, to moving all the furniture, appliances and clothes, to unpacking them and fixing them to fit in the new place. What is most challenging is moving all these large, bulky items across long distances of at least a hundred miles, moving to a destination in another state, or moving internationally.

Looking for a reliable professional moving company should not be done thoughtlessly, because all your earthly possessions will be at their mercy once you hire them to pack, store, move and unload your stuff. It is very important to find a dependable mover that provides local or international moving services. You can find cheap movers that will fit your budget, but you will have to be very careful in choosing one. Here are some tips you may find useful:

  1. When using the Internet to search for a moving company, search for a directory of moving companies for all the states. It is good to find out about these moving companies online, and then give them a call and ask for moving quotes either online or by phone.
  2. When dealing with moving companies, they will be asking specific questions, so it is best to prepare the details on the things you will be moving, and the distance from your pick up point to the destination.
  3. Some of the details you need to tell them are: where the items will be picked up, the destination, what are the largest items you will be moving, what is the estimated weight of all your items, and the estimated value of the items that will be moved by the moving service. These will be the basis for how much their services will cost.
  4. You might need additional services other than moving and storage, like packing and unpacking, before and after the move. Boxes are provided to secure furniture and appliances, to make sure these will not break during transport. Some items may need to be wrapped in plastic to make sure they do not get wet or dusty. Ask the moving company if they provide this service and whether or not it will come at an additional cost. Most likely, boxes will have to be purchased.

Professional movers offer competitive prices, so the amount you will pay varies for each company. It is best to choose among companies that already have at least ten years of moving service experience. For international transport, the company should also be a member of the Overseas Movers Network International (OMNI), and have a Registered International Mover Certification. To get this registration, the company undergoes several inspections and examinations to ensure that the company complies with safety standards and that they have the appropriate facilities to provide efficient services at all times. It is also advisable to choose an ISO 9002 Certified moving company.


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