How To Find Air Cargo Companies

Air cargo services are used for personal and business purposes, to send and receive goods and packages from any place domestically or around the world. It can be as simple as an envelope with documents, or kilos of goods and products, dried or in liquid form. Air cargo freight is often used for bulk deliveries, since it is more convenient and efficient than other shipping services.

There are International Air Freight Forwarders that specialize in shipping goods anywhere in the world, or Domestic Air Freight Forwarders that ship goods within the same country of origin.

Air cargo or airfreight services are categorized based on:

  • type of item to be shipped
  • size and number of items
  • gross weight of the item
  • value and importance of the cargo
  • length of time in hours or days the cargo is expected to reach the destination

There are many air cargo companies to choose from. It is best to compare the services and fees charged depending on your need. Most likely you will prefer and choose your local air cargo company. To find air cargo companies, you can:

1.    Purchase an online or printed hard copy of an Air Cargo Directory.

  • Leonard offers an International Air Cargo Directory that serves as an Online Guide. It contains important information regarding the air cargo industry, companies that offer Domestic and International Air Cargo services, list of airfreight forwarders and agents. Leonard's Guide International Air Cargo Directory is easily searchable with the provided contact information downloadable from the site: There is a Weblink that can be browsed to find email addresses and contact information for all the companies on the directory.
  • For a printed guide, you can buy a QUICK CALLER® Air Cargo Directory that contains information for all the Air Cargo companies in your region. There are over 100 cargo categories in each guide that can be compared to meet your needs.

2.    Use the Internet to search for listings of air cargo companies.

  • Danex Marketing Resources allows you to review and compare services offered by Air Cargo Services companies and International Air Freight companies around the world.
  • Air Cargo Shipping Directory was created for suppliers and buyers who need services for air freight and air cargo. The site allows you to directly contact the companies to request for quotes and offer comparative prices for international or national air cargo services.

3.    Browse through the printed or online Yellow Pages. The Yellow Pages contains an extensive list of companies that offer air cargo services that can be searched by business type or business name. All contact information is provided for your reference.

When deciding on the air cargo company air rate to choose, make sure to consider not just the price offered but all other factors as well. Consider the weight and security of your cargo, the travel distance, and turnaround time. Compare the fuel surcharges implemented and additional fees included.


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