How To Find an Accessories Rep

When you make accessories to sell, it is very important to have an expert sales representative to present your products to prospective showrooms and stores who will be eager to sell your creations. A good sales representative will help you to stay in business and help you create additional opportunities for design improvement and opportunistic sales. Here are the steps to find an accessories representative.

  1. Before looking for a sales representative, make sure that your accessories of a high quality and the designs are unique. The accessories should also be trendy, wearable and fashionable. Customers are very fickle and are always looking for new designs and colors.
  2. Create a line of accessories. You should have sets of earring, pendants, rings and bracelets. You should also have other accessories done in different colors to suit every taste. You should always be attuned to the latest fashion designs, trends and colors. The accessories should be made in advance so you should have access to fashion and trends forecasts.
  3. Create a sales brochure for your accessories. You should have full color and detailed photographs of all you accessories complete with short descriptions. You can either photograph the accessories against a flattering background or have someone model them for the photo shoot. The brochure is very essential in selling your accessories. If you are not very good at taking photos or not creative enough to present the products, have a professional photographer take the photos for you. This is an investment that will pay for itself in the long run.
  4. Have an artist layout your brochure and provide a compelling description of each accessory before having it printed.
  5. Ask your friends and family for referrals for someone who can assist you in the capacity of a sales representative. She should be someone who has good oral communication skills and convincing power. She should be glib and friendly and very adept at making presentations. Store buyers are very busy and always have limited time to entertain sales representatives so you need an expert in the field. She should be knowledgeable about your accessories and if possible she should be wearing some of your products for subliminal advertising.
  6. Divide the sales effort by sending brochure to store buyers that have not been reached by your contracted sales representative. Your company name, contact person and contact information should she included in the brochures that you will send.
  7. Prepare demonstration pieces. Choose those designs and colors that are outstanding. You can also prepare a flash or PowerPoint presentation of your accessories. Be prepared to leave some samples for buyers to check later.
  8. For exclusive stores, talk to the owners themselves and give a presentation. Tell them the benefits they will get from selling your products as well as the selling points and unique characteristics of your accessories. Give them irresistible concessions to carry your designs and offer a trial period to see how the demand will be before committing to a long term contract. This will safeguard your business interest as well as that of the shop.

Do not aim to have your accessories sold at almost all the stores. It is best to be very selective as it denotes that your accessories are done exclusively and in limited edition. This will also minimize your inventory and allow you to prepare the new batches with ample production time especially if they are handmade.


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