How To Find Blueprints of Restaurant Kitchen Designs

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Putting up your own restaurant is an exciting experience. From conceptualizing to designing to actually running your restaurant is an incredible journey that restaurateurs take pride in, especially once the restaurant gains popularity.

The heart of every restaurant is its kitchen. It is where the magic happens. Restaurant kitchens must be big enough to handle all orders that come and go, all the crew needed to run it, and all the appliances and utensils needed to store and prepare both food and drinks.

To give you an idea of what design is best suited for your kitchen, it is best to have a look at blueprints of different kitchen restaurants. Here are some tips you can follow in finding blueprints of restaurant kitchen designs.

1.    Know the layout of your area and determine how big your space is. This is important in designing your restaurant kitchen, maximizing the space you have and using it to your advantage. You can also narrow down your search for blueprints by categorizing them according to the size of the kitchen space you have in your restaurant.

2.    There are numerous books and magazines available that offer different kitchen designs. Browse through these design books and magazines and identify which ones suit the layout and space that you have. These books and magazines also allow you to visualize how you want your restaurant kitchen to look like by providing pictures of kitchens that used the blueprints found in the book or magazine.

3.    You can also search for kitchen restaurant blueprints online. Websites like and give you some sample blueprints for restaurant kitchens as well as some tips on how to choose the best design depending on the type and function of your kitchen. also offers an array of books for designing your own kitchen restaurant. You search this website for design books and see some reviews about the book, its price, and its availability as well.

4.    You may also want to consider hiring a professional (architect and/or interior designer) to design a restaurant kitchen according to your preferences. While this may cost more, hiring professionals to design a kitchen for you gives you a chance to throw in your ideas and be specific with the details you want your kitchen to have. This also lets you have a kitchen blueprint designed specifically for the exact layout of your kitchen space, making it more suited to your needs.

Paying attention to every detail of your kitchen restaurant design is worth it. The functionality of your kitchen design affects the efficiency of your crew in preparing the food and the speed of service you provide to your customers. Whether you choose to follow a readily available blueprint from books and magazines or have your own blueprint made by a professional, it is important to always make sure the design you choose will work to your business’ advantage. More than aesthetics, functionality is a huge factor you must consider in designing your kitchen. Aesthetics merely add charm and ambiance while functionality gets the job done well and on time.


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