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Ok so you have a business plan ready. You have your finances figured out. Now all you need is to approach a bank or an investing partner with a rock-solid business proposal. The very idea of creating a business proposal right from scratch can be quite an intimidating process. The ideas are there, as is the logic, but how to put it down on paper in an effective way so that it makes sense? At this point in time, a look at some business proposals available can give a lot of support and can serve as the backbone of the proposal. This can also serve as a base guideline on what information is to be included to make your proposal complete.

Short listing a couple of sample business proposals can give you the initial boost to start filling in the required information envisaged in your business plan. Adapt it, mould it, twist it, and make it suit your purpose.

Samples of some business proposals are available from either your local library or online. Usually the latter is considered to be a better option, as one can get many versions and the search is quite effortless! An online search is also much faster than going through an entire book or directory to find what you are looking for. There are thousands of options for you to choose from; all you need to do is make effective use of search engines such as Google to find your exact needs!

Among the online resources, SBA (Small Business Administration) has a variety of plans including growth plans, applications to banks and other financial institutions for loans, strategies and tips for the successful development of your business, etc. Websites such as and SCORE (Senior Corps of Retired Executives) offer directories of such samples, which are listed alphabetically. These sites are surely worth a look!

The corporate mentor Microsoft Startup Centre is also a great resource. This site includes not only free samples and templates, but also tips and dos and don’ts for beginners.

Do bear in mind though that using an example or sample business proposal in totality is not going to take your idea to the desired goal. However, there are websites that cater to specific proposal samples for a small fee or will write your proposal for you, with your inputs. The various ranges could include entrepreneurship, partnership, IT proposals, architectural proposals, family business proposals and so on.
Whatever site you choose, whichever sample proposal you shortlist, it would be beneficial for you to review several of these proposals thoroughly, before your finalize yours and shoot it to your promoter.

The ultimate goal of going through sample business proposals is not only to give you the much-needed boost to get started, but also to cover all essential topics and pieces of information that your final business proposal should carry.

Spending some extra time browsing through the various sites that offer free business proposals would for sure strengthen your document and produce the impact that accurately presents your business and the way you want it to be!


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