How To Find Career Success Stories

Career success stories serve as inspiration and a guide to many people. When you want to set up a business for instance, you look for stories from people who were able to make it big on their own. Based on the accounts of these individuals who are doing so well in their careers and personal lives, you try to pattern your own goals and ambitions with the faith that like them, you too will attain work success someday.

Here are some pointers on how to find stories on achieving success:

  1. Look around in your community. Nowadays, more and more people are becoming successful in their careers. Hence you need not go far because chances are you may have a handful of these people in your neighborhood. Is your next door neighbor a doctor or a lawyer who worked their way to college? Then go and find out their stories.
  2. Read articles from magazines and newspapers featuring career people and the stories behind their success. These feature stories are usually found in the lifestyle and business sections. Examples of these reading materials are Businessweek and Oprah’s magazine “O”. Readers Digest is also a good source of career success stories, most of which deal with extraordinary anecdotes of people who have to survive many ordeals and handicaps before being able to attain their goals in life.
  3. Browse on websites on the internet that tackle successful business ventures and careers. Some of these websites you may want to visit are:;;;; and a lot more.
  4. Visit websites of successful personalities. Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Larry King and other well known individuals who painstakingly built their careers through the years surely have inspiring stories to tell.
  5. Watch television programs that showcase success stories. Talk shows often invite guests to share with the viewers their personal accounts as to how they became front-runners in their careers.
  6. Attend talks and seminars on success management. These events are usually attended by goal-driven persons and everyone is just happy to tell their own success stories.
  7. Go to movies that feature biographies of successful people. It does not have to be a blockbuster or a true to life film as long as the plot revolves around career success stories of people from any class.
  8. Get copies of autobiographies by self-made people and you will be delighted to read their exciting and encouraging true to life narratives.
  9. Pay attention to the simple folk. Often, they have more interesting career success stories to tell. Their anecdotes may be humble and straightforward but nonetheless they can serve as food for thought and lessons to live by.
  10. Research on your family history of successful professionals. Certainly you have immediate family members who have made it big in their own career ventures. You might be surprised to discover that you uncle, aunt, grandparents or even forefathers have unique success stories of their own.

Career success stories motivate people to work to reach their own aspirations. Many people have stories to share about their personal battles in life. It may be success health, success diet, success weight or other triumphs that they are proud to offer others so that they too, will emerge victorious in their personal journey in life.


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