How To Find CD/DVD Wholesalers

CDs and DVDs are today's media of choice in distributing songs and movies physically. Apart from buying songs online, CD's are still preferred by audiophiles because of quality and fidelity. The same goes with DVDs, especially with the popularity of high-definition content and extra features. If you are interested in running a business selling or renting out CDs and DVDs, here are a few ways you can look for wholesalers.

  • Contact the distributors. Movies and songs are usually sold to retail shop owners through agreements with the publisher. But if you are in a country or area where the publisher does not have direct dealings, you can get in touch with the distributor responsible for selling these items in the local market. Most publishers have affiliated local distributors who have the responsibility of importing CDs and DVDs from the publisher, or even re-mastering these through local companies.
  • Join online communities. If your business involves selling or renting out CDs and DVDs that are not in the mainstream, you can get information on wholesalers from online forums and communities. This is especially true in instances where your interest lies in independently produced films and music albums. You can get to know indie producers and artists personally through email, social networks like MySpace, and forums. These people can get you in touch with whoever is producing their material for mass distribution.
  • Contact artist management companies. Most artists relegate their business dealings to their manager or management companies. These, in turn, are the ones who contract with recording studios and production companies for producing and releasing of their clients' work to the public. If you intend to sell rare works or independent collections, you might need to go through such management companies in order to get a good deal with the publisher of a DVD or CD.
  • Check auction sites. eBay could be a rich source for wholesale CDs or DVDs. Some business owners might be closing out, and could be selling their whole stock of inventory online. You have to be mindful of who you are dealing with, though, because there are also a lot of scammers out there out to make a quick buck. You can be expecting wholesale shipments of legitimate DVDs and CDs, but these unscrupulous folks could be sending you bootlegged material burned into generic discs.
  • Check the material. Once you have been in touch with a wholesaler, you can place an order of a few copies first, to check if their goods are satisfactory. You should also ask for a list of their titles, as some wholesalers might have low prices, but with a collection of unknown artists and producers. Some wholesalers might have rare and prized collector edition albums and discs available.

Even with the popularity of online downloads, the CD and DVD business is still good business because of the versatility and quality offered by these media. If you're looking for wholesale sources, be sure to check and double check for quality, legality and support.


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