How To Find Cheap Self Storage

Doing Your Self Storage Homework Now Will Save You Later

You have all your extra stuff piled up and have decided you need to do something with it. But where do you begin to look for cheap self storage? No matter where you live in the United States you undoubtedly pass by several self storage facilities every day on your way to work. What differentiates one from another often times is nothing more than the price. With the economy continuing its roller coaster ride you of course want to find cheap self storage if you can.

Finding cheap self storage is not a very hard task but it does require some leg work on your part. There are several ways to find cheap self storage. The following are several ways to find storage at a low cost:

Step 1

‘Let your fingers do the walking’: That’s right, break out the old trusty yellow pages. Go into the self storage section and choose several different self storage facilities that are near you and get prices. Make sure you get prices for several different sized units, as you never know which unit you may want to rent once you see them. Also be sure to ask for the prices on a regular non-air-conditioned unit as well as an air-conditioned unit. Sometimes you can upgrade to a climate-controlled unit for just a few dollars more a month.

Step 2

Online help: Like almost anything else these days, help in finding cheap self storage is only a few Google searches away. Go to any trusted search engine and type in what you want -- cheap self storage -- as well as your city and state. You will be bombarded with a multitude of storage companies in your area. You can get even more specific and type your zip code into the search for the most accurate results. The wonderful thing about searching online is that many times the prices for all the different units are usually found right on the facility's website. Some sites even offer a self storage rate quote service, whereby completing one form allows you to get a quote from several different self storage facilities.

Step 3

Beat the streets: If you want to confine your search to a certain area, say a specific distance between your house and the storage unit, then you can always take to the streets and visit several storage unit facilities to see which one is the cheapest. While you may not find the rock bottom cheapest available, you will find one that is within the parameters that you set. Hopefully it is in a price range that will fit your budget.

Step 4

Find the deal: Storage units are constantly running deals to attract new customers to their facilities. And this can mean big savings for you, the consumer. Storage companies offer deals that include a savings of from 10% off up to a month of free rental just to entice new clientele. Waiting for one of these deals to come along may be the best way to save money.

Another way to get the best deal is to explore different means of storing your valuables. By far the most popular storage is in individual units. However, you may find better deals by thinking outside of the box. One such type of storage is an indoor storage operation. All of the units are in an enclosed building much like you would find at a shopping mall.

Step 5

Consider portable storage units. Portable storage is a growing industry as well. Portable storage companies like Pods and uPak offer units that come to you. The company delivers a large container that you pack and keep on your property. When the unit is full you call the company and decide where to keep the items. They can be delivered to a new address or returned to company property for safe keeping. Due to the fact that these type of companies are still growing, they offer discounts for new and returning consumers.

Step 6

Word of mouth: The best advertising that a company can have is happy customers. So finding a cheap storage unit may be as simple as asking friends and family members if they know where to find the best deal. You may find that, even if they do not have a storage unit, they will know where you can find one.

Remember that getting cheap prices is only the first step. Always be sure to actually look at the unit before you hand over your first month’s rent. The reason is simple: size. Yes, five feet by five feet is the same size anywhere. It's 25 square feet. But what may be different is the height of the unit. If one unit is only ten feet high and another is 15 feet high then you get more space with the latter. If you are good at stacking you can pack more of your items into the second unit. The taller unit may be a bit more than the short one. But if you can’t fit all your items in the shorter unit, then you may find yourself going to the next size and paying even more money.

Cheap self storage units are available and ready to be rented, it is just up to you to find them. It is just up to you to find them. The only way to accomplish this task is to do your homework first. Using the methods listed above you are likely to find a storage unit that fits your budget in no time!


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