How To Find Child Support Enforcement Service Centers

One of the most emotionally and psychologically traumatic experiences for an individual is getting a marriage separation or divorce. Once you have separated, you will also need to work out other details such as child support. With the hundreds of divorce cases in the United States, it is not unusual for people to encounter problems with support enforcement when it comes to support income and support pay to ensure the well-being of the child and even family. If you are experiencing these problems, here are some of the ways to find child support enforcement service centers.

  1. Check with your legal adviser. The best way to find centers that will help in support collection is through your legal advisor, such as your family attorney or even the divorce lawyer who helped you in your divorce or separation case. With your attorney, the first step is to contact your ex-spouse or his lawyer, and inquire why the child support payments are coming in late or not coming in at all. Depending on the answer, you can either make an agreement to simply strictly enforce the support payments, or make use of a support enforcement service. With an attorney, you will also be given the option of using federal enforcement agencies. As part of the federal government, these agencies can offer you free service which can be very useful for families that are already living on a tight budget after the separation or the divorce. With a divorce lawyer, you can also expect you legal aid to know a private agency or two who will provide you with support enforcement.
  2. Check with the social services. Apart from federal enforcement agencies, another useful government arm that can help you is the social services. While the social services themselves will not always be able to directly help you in forcing your spouse to give the needed child support, they will be able to provide you with a number of contacts that you can follow up on. Apart from this, the social services will also be very useful in providing you with other services while you are still unable to pay for child support. They can help you in finding government sponsored discounts for basic goods and items that your family needs while waiting for the child support to come.
  3. Do an online search. Finally, you can also choose to do an online search .there are plenty of search engines as well as directories that offer child pay enforcement services to support divorce parents. Be sure, however, to double check on the background of these agencies to ensure that they are legally recognized. You should also keep in mind that these private paid agencies will often charge you a part of the sum that you will collect from your spouse, which makes these private agencies another strain to the budget especially if the child support that your spouse is giving is not enough to cover all of the basic needs of the child and the family.

Getting child support enforcement services is something that no single parent wants. When push comes to shove, however, it is best to undertake these services to ensure that you will be able to raise your child and provide him with all of his needs.


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