How To Find Commercial Truck Transport Services

For most businesses, one of the major expenses comes from transportation. With transportation of goods reaching up to 30 percent of total expenses, transport expenses can sometimes exceed the cost of production. If you need to streamline your business expenses by lowering the transport expenses, here are commercial truck transport services that you can avail of.

  1. Lorries. Lorries or tankers are trucks that have a tank attachment. These are used for transporting liquid or liquefied gases. Most of these transportation truckers are used for services in the chemical manufacturing industry. Most of these truckers are designed with specific tank sizes and built using specific tank materials, depending on the requirements of the load.
  2. Flatbed. Flatbed trucks are used for solid cargo transport. Products in cases or containers are loaded in flatbed trucks and are arranged in stacks. Unlike lorries, truck transport via flatbeds do not require specialized containers as most of the product being transported are already packaged in their own individual containers and have already been prepared for transport.
  3. Railcars. There are alternatives to truck transport as well. In the United States, railcars are the preferred form of land transportation. These railcars utilize train tracks for transportation and can be used for all types of products, whether liquid, gas, or solid goods. Railcars are preferred in the United States because railcars will not have to deal with traffic congestion and seldom have breakdowns – unlike lorries and trucks. The disadvantage of this form of transportation, however, is that the goods are not delivered directly to the warehouses or retail shops. You will still need to transport the goods from the railway station to the actual shops. Trucks are used for this purpose.

When you use commercial truck transport services, you also get the following benefits:

  1. Eliminate the cost of maintaining the equipment for transportation. Creating a transport network does not only entail expensive trucks. You will also need to create docking areas where your company trucks will be stored when not in use. Cargo trucks can be very big, and will require plenty of space.
  2. Eliminate cost from hiring people to create logistic plans in routing the cargo. Another expense incurred in transport networks is in the planning and preparations for transport routes. Keep in mind that you cannot simply expect truck drivers to know destinations. If you set up your own transport network, you will also need operators to oversee the truck drivers and routes that the vehicles will travel.
  3. Remove the risk of delivery failures and logistic mistakes, and pass these on to transportation companies which are trained in this service field.
  4. Avoid the need for knowledge base -in the form of experienced employees – simply to maintain a transport network.
  5. Allows your company to focus more on manufacturing operations rather than transport matters. After all, your business is not transport.

If you choose commercial truck transport services, check out the web or the transport company’s local office, where your shipping needs can be arranged and managed. If you are a major business specializing in mass production, hiring commercial transport trucks should be one of your first priorities.


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