How To Find Construction Estimate Forms Online

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If you are looking to speed up and increase bid accuracy and want to keep important information available for any urgent reference, construction estimate form templates or software are available online to help you build exact and appropriate construction cost estimates to gain a competitive edge! A single MS Excel worksheet can help you manage, build and create cost estimates. If you are a construction professional, your main goal is to improve cost estimates to gain more profits. But where does one look for these forms online? This article gives you details on the websites that can help you get free construction estimate forms online.
Goldenseal construction estimating software helps give you accurate, quick construction estimates. With over 2000 building costs, this software provides smart dimensions for estimating building projects. It also includes general construction costs for light and residential commercial construction. It works for new construction, repairs and remodeling, and creates construction estimates for remodelers, construction contractors and home builders.

The estimating forms available on this site start with adding your company info at the beginning of the form, customizing the details to give it a professional look and allowing you to print the final format! The forms are available in Word and Acrobat format for both Macintosh and Windows computers. Two advantages of downloading this package come instantly upon completion of your purchase - you will never have to log online to use them again, they will be readily available on your system, so print-outs can be taken instantly; you make a one-time charge for downloading the form that comes along with a detailed read-me file. You also do not need to worry about filling out the form, just tabbing through and filling relevant information will take you a few minutes only. A completed bid can literally be in your hands and submitted to your clients in a matter of 5 minutes!
Free downloadable construction estimation forms are available on this site along with screenshots to best suit your needs. Some of them are EstimatesPlease, Berdwire, Construction Companies Database, RemodelCost Estimator for Excel, GeneralCost Estimator for Excel, EZ-Forms-Contractor, EZ-Forms-TXRE, Simply Estimating, Flash Clip Construction, EZ-Forms-Mortgage, FrameMaster, Insite123, FloorCOST Estimator for Excel, etc.

Key benefits

  • Flexible, customizable, built-in unit cost data in the standard industry CSI format
  • Local cost data can be updated periodically
  • MS Excel based convenient estimating
  • Takeoff calculator available on screen
  • Replace supplied ones by flexibly creating your own cost category
  • Profit and overhead applications can be modified
  • Online help system available

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Excel 97-2003 or Excel 2007
  • Inkjet or laser compatible printer
  • Windows running personal computer

Most contractors gain hands-on experience to manage their construction costs, while beginners may find it a cumbersome task. Hence these construction estimate forms available online make life easy for such users; after all, working smart is better than working hard!


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