How To Find Digital Banners at Wholesale Prices

Everything is going digital, so if you are stuck in the old world of analog pictures and hand painted signs, then you better get going. Pictures have improved, not only in storage devices (from negatives to memory cards) but also obviously in quality. No more lines, no dots, no dullness. Just solid color in high resolution. Banners back then were printed or painted by hand with the help of printing plates and silkscreen. Well, not anymore. Advanced digital printing tools allow business banners, sign banners and event banners to be customized and printed in  almost an instant without losing its quality. This makes it more convenient for companies, suppliers and consumers alike.

Big events and occasions like fund-raising activities, concerts, contests, etc., require many digital banners. To get the best discounts, it is practical to look for suppliers who give wholesale banner prices. The higher the quantity, the greater the discount.

Here are some of the suppliers of digital banners that offer wholesale prices:

1.    Banner4Sale.Com. They can offer huge discounts on wholesale customers because they have little business expenses. They don’t rely on sales personnel and don’t even have retail shops. They even boast of their prices, which are way cheaper (30%!) than your local retail banner shops. They not only offer high resolution digital banner printing but also custom vinyl banners.

2.    S2imaging.Com. Offers digital offset printing with high quality prints from their digital offset equipments. Minimum of digital offset printing is 50 pieces per design, with a minimum of 3 square feet per print.

3. Offers banners which don’t fade and change color, ideal to use indoor and outdoor. Single sided banners are printed on 130z vinyl while double sided banners are printed on 16oz. They also provide an exclusive color-match system with no additional cost to ensure accuracy and customer satisfaction.

4. Founded in Dallas in 1990, this company ships digital banners, vinyl banners, signs and car wraps globally. Unlike others, they provide large format printing with no limitation in size. If you want rush printing, they can easily and quickly print and deliver your banner in good quality. 

5.    SharpSigns. Provides high quality signs, wholesale banners and sign systems to companies and corporations. They have professionals who can customize your banners depending on its purpose and your taste.

6.     Worldwide Digital Printing. Not only do they print digital banners but they also supply full color sticker, car magnets and full color posters. Advertise your company services and products in just one go.

Aside from quality, fast turnaround time is a plus in every printing company. Full colored banners are eye catching, so make sure that your graphics are printed using CMYK for better color display. CMYK is a process commonly used in color printing.

With the help of software banner making is easier than before. Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw are the most popular software used to create huge, creative and attractive posters, business banners, event banners and signs. Without them and the digital equipments, banner advertising would not have been a hit.


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