How To Find Drinking Water Delivery Services

Water delivery has become a big business through the years. While most water distribution utilities claim that the chlorinated water that comes out of the tap is safe to drink, some still doubt this claim. Whether or not tap water is potable—or at least clean—is the cause of more and more people looking for water delivery and bottled water companies for their drinking water needs. You may blame all the daily talk shows all you want for creating this fear of drinking tap water, but most people would rather pay an extra premium than risk their health (or life) from drinking dirty water.

Unclean water can harbor bacteria that may cause diseases and other health problems so many homes now subscribe to water delivery services that allow for regular delivery of drinking water, whether in bulk or in small five-gallon containers. Here are the places where you can find the water delivery companies or services:

  1. The yellow pages directory. The yellow pages often contain business listings arranged per category. There are special pages that contain listings for everything from hardware stores to water delivery companies so it should be quite easy to locate one.
  2. The Internet. A quick search of water delivery shops in your area can yield a lot of results. Since the competition is very tight online, you can expect that a lot of the companies will be trying to woo visitors through nice deals – like giving a water coolers or bottled water dispensers along with your initial purchase. If you expand your search further, you can look for reviews by other users. The Internet can also be a good way to do background checks on which establishments have been the in business the longest.
  3. Classified ads. When all else fails, there are the classified ads. You can check your local newspaper for business and classified listings, which are usually under the business section. Just go for the ones that fall under food and beverages and you should be able to see a couple of shops that would be willing to send purified water to your area. As always, take note of the contact number and try to find out how much the service costs before ordering.
  4. Drive around town. While most people prefer to have their water delivered, some would rather load their water bottles in their cars or pickup trucks for a regular refill. You can canvass for the best water delivery companies this way, too. Knowing how the water refilling station looks—whether the facilities are clean, and the staff is courteous—can sure help you determine whether the water that gets delivered to your home is actually safe and clean.

Always remember to keep your options open. You shouldn’t commit to one company just because they’re the first one you found. You might find better deals elsewhere, or in the case of potable water, you might find other companies that deliver better products. 


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