How To Find Employees on Craigslist

Looking for employees is really harder than it looks, and it’s important that you exhaust all possibilities so you could find employees who aren’t just qualified for the job, but who are reliable, responsible and trustworthy as well. Good thing that in this era of social connectedness, there are so many ways that you could let the general public know of the job openings available at your company. Apart from putting up ads in local newspapers, you might also want to try posting want ads at Craigslist, which gets visits from a total of 40.8 million people every month. Here are some guidelines that would help you find employees through Craigslist: 

  • Go to Choose the location that is nearest you, and apply for an account. You will be given a confirmation letter through your email; click on the supplied link and you will be led to a page where you will be asked for a password. You will need to accept the Craigslist terms of use, and you can get started.
  • Choose the type of posting that you will do. First of all, remember that you cannot do cross-posting to multiple cities; you can only post to one city, so make sure that you post to the city where you want your potential employees to come from (the one nearest your office). Click on “job offered” as the type of posting that you want to publish. Click that you agree to the terms, and then choose the category that your job listing belongs to (accounting/ finance, sales, writing/ editing, general labor, etc).
  • Create your posting. You will be asked for the following information: the posting title, job location, a brief job description, and information about the compensation. Here’s a tip: remember that the first thing prospective employees can see is the posting title, so make sure that you make the title as detailed, informative and unique  (but still professional) as possible.
  • Include your contact numbers. It’s best that you include contact numbers, such as your cellphone number and your email address, so that prospective employees would be able to send you their resumes and call you if they have any questions about the job position.
  • Browse through posted resumes. Apart from posting your job want ad, you could also look through the resumes that users have posted. Look for that particular category and see whether any of them fit the bill. You could contact the user through clicking on the button, “reply to this post.”

While there are so many avenues where you could look for potential employees, it’s very important that you ensure the effectiveness of your selection process. Make sure that you do a background check on your list of applicants (yes, including their Facebook accounts) just so you get a clear picture of who you might be hiring. Once you get to meet your shortlist of applicants, you should have solid interview questions that will give you a clear assessment of their work ethics and attitude as well. Remember: Though it’s very good that you have a big pool of applicants to choose from, ultimately, you need to strengthen your selection process so that you will truly get only those employees who can be beneficial to your company.


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