How To Find Fancy Black Envelopes

As they say, it's all about the little details, and if you're planning a fancy event, there are tons of small details that you have to consider. One of these details involves the invitations. After all, the invitations are your way of communicating the type and theme of the event that you'll be holding, and it pays to let people have a good first impression of it.

One of the things to consider is the type and color of envelope you'll be using. Though it's highly tempting to disregard the envelope and focus on the invitation itself, if it's an important event, then every detail should be excellent. Of course, if you're holding, say, a neighborhood kiddie party, then cheap envelopes, the plain white type or the brown envelopes that are standard in many local supply stores, would be adequate. But again, it largely depends on the event – what the occasion is, how formal or informal it is, and who the guests are.

The color of the envelope is a large factor to consider. It is usual practice that the color of the theme of the event is reflected on the envelope. This is especially true for weddings – it is common to have green envelopes, pink envelopes and silver envelopes (especially for silver wedding anniversaries) for this occasion.

What about black envelopes? Black envelopes denote class, formality and professionalism. Although it's highly classy and elegant looking, it's almost never used for celebrations such as weddings and birthdays. Most of the time black envelopes are considered for art functions, high-class charity events, formal dinners within a professional circle, the opening of new and trendy establishments (such as museums, bars and discos) and similar events.

With this in mind, it's usually important that the black envelope you use for these purposes is of high quality. Not many supply stores carry high-quality brands of envelopes, however. The best thing you could do is to order from reputable paper and stationery companies. Look for a listing of paper suppliers within your area through, or you can inquire for recommendations from your school supplies store. Be prepared to make bulk orders, usually at around a minimum of $300.

Another option for you would be to search for online suppliers. Some Web sites to try out include, and Or try this out: Look for stationery and paper products that you admire, find their contact numbers online, and then inquire about the possibility of having them make custom black envelopes for you.

Apart from the color of the envelope, you also have to consider other factors such as the texture and material (heavy cardstock, translucent material, cotton, woven, etc.), the design (speckled, metallic, glittered, pearlized, etc), the size, and the cut (rectangular, square, or any other specialized shape).

There you have it! Here's how to find and order fancy black envelopes for the event that you're planning. Remember, it's good to be detail-oriented when planning for an event, and that's why it's important to allot a lot of time for the planning and preparation process. Good luck!


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