How To Find Free Private Grant Listings

You might want to do something huge like save the environment, get free college funding or simply help someone in supporting a good cause. However, these projects usually mean a huge amount of money. This is when private grants can help you. Private Grant listings can be found free in some websites so avoid being duped into paying to get a list. This just gives the website owner your hard earned money and you ending up in a site you could have discovered for free. Check out the list below and see if you can luckily land a private grant.

Walk a Block. Here is a page that will give you a list of private foundations and government grant programs. It includes the name of the foundation, the address and contact details. What's good about it is it includes the program description of what type of concern they support. You do not have to call each organization because you would know what would fit what you need

Dmoz. This is an open directory site, which is in partnership with AOL search. What you need to do is just type in grant making foundation on the search box and click on search. The next page will show you around 40 private foundations offering grants for different causes. A brief description accompanies each name and even takes you to their website once you click on the organization name. If you want College education funding then this is the place to visit. This website lets you search without any charge. They have affiliations with hundreds of universities to get you that financial aid. They even hold scholarship competitions and give out scholarships to the winners. So fill out your information giving out your personal, educational details so they can find a match for you in their extensive database.

Fundsnet. An online directory that gives you categories you can choose from depending on what you need. They have listings for Health, Animal and Wildlife, Public and society benefit grants etc. You can even find helpful links on grant writing resources. Just click on which one your request falls under, it will take you to another page with the different organizations suited to you. It gives you ideas on fundraising too, if this would help. A simplified listing from A-Z of Foundations with websites you can visit. This is a service of Northern California community foundation. It does not describe what type of grant each organization supports so you would either have to go through a long list or click on the one you think may be partial to your cause.

You will never run out of private grant listings because wealthy individuals or corporations need to provide grants in order to cut down on taxes. Just get ready with your search bar and check on the sites given above. Once you have their details, give them a call or apply online. It may take loads of applications before you get to land yours but perseverance never fails.


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