How To Find Games to Play at Tupperware Parties

Tupperware parties can be easy to host if you plan well in advance and consider the guests attending. This not only gets everyone at ease but it might end up with a good amount of sales. Tupperware is quite a good, reliable product but you need to be a fun host to make the party a success. Below are some ways to find games to play that would keep your guests enjoying their visit.

Tupperware blog. This blog will give you different games to play at the party you will be hosting. It includes memory or concentration game wherein guests can pair identical photos of products. It makes them focus, recall and be interested in the products you offer. Another game involves locating product names on a big board of jumbled letters. The guests will search for the name or word and circle them with a marker. One of the popular games is the passing of a Tupperware gift item where in they follow directional instructions from a storyteller and the last one holding the gift will be able to take it home.

Stay a Stay at home mom. A couple of Tupperware games can be found on this site with detailed instruction on what materials to use and how to go about it. There are also pictures and sample statements that you can use at your party.

You Tube. If you copy and paste the link given here, you will see a list of Tupperware games including dating, trivia and a number of training videos that can guarantee your party's success. The amazing thing here is you will not just be able to read it but see how it really works. From what the hosts say to how the guests react.

Doc stoc.  Just type in Tupperware games on the Upper right hand search bar and you will pull up tens of pages of Tupperware game ideas, invitations and suggestions. It will give you a full document on instructions and what you can do to make your party a hit.

Forums. One site you can visit is Pickles and Spices where you can read about stories and experiences of people who attended a Tupperware party. You may read about good or bad feedback but at least you can find out what games and prizes were given away.

Tupperware parties are a very effective way of direct selling. You get to meet good people and get referrals. This type of direct selling is now being applied to It not only piques the interest of your guests but also give them an experience they can share with their friends.


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