How To Find Government Contracts

When one thinks of the government, they think of a lot of red tape and bureaucracy, but it is possible to find government contracts if one is willing to take the time and follow certain procedures.  Obtaining a government contract can be a financially rewarding proposition and the time it takes to secure the contract will be well worth the effort. For small businesses this can be a lifesaving measure in such a topsy-turvy economy.

If you have never secured a government contract before there are certain steps you need to take in order to do so.  The first step is to try to secure a local city, county or state government contract in order to build your reputation and credentials.  Securing these types of contracts will give you the experience in working with government procedures before you tackle the federal government.  You will want to get in touch with the department of whatever branch of government you choose to work with and follow the outline they suggest in bidding for the project you are interested in.  You will want to get on their list of vendors first however.

Make your company known to the purchasing agent, and keep yourself visible. Also, stay in touch with the agent to keep abreast of any changes or new projects.  Marketing to the department will help your business stand out from the crowd and impress upon the purchasing agent that you are a reputable company.  Finding government contracts in this way using the purchasing agent and getting on the vendor list will put you on the inside loop and once you are in you will be given the opportunity to bid on government contracts in the future.

Keep track of all your contracts that you have with the branch of government you may be dealing with.  Keeping accurate records is a must when dealing with any type of government agency.   When you place your bid for a project, make sure that you stay within reasonable figures.  Some government agency’s bidding process can be formal or informal and it is important to follow the procedure correctly for securing the contract.  If you do not follow correct procedures you could miss out.

Changing your mindset about dealing with the government will also be helpful.  Rules and regulations are in place for a reason and the sooner you realize this, the easier things will be.


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