How To Find Grants for Recycling

Recycling is a way to lessen one's carbon footprint. Many individuals and groups come up with different ideas on how to help the environment recover through recycling. Unfortunately, some ideas don't take off due to lack of funding. If proven that a recycling scheme is viable then securing a grant for the project is possible.

Grants are offered by the government, organizations, companies and private individuals for many reasons, recycling is one of them. If you have a recycling project and need financial assistance, try the suggestions below on finding grants to support your worthwhile proposal.

Check the Government Grants website. is your national gateway to finding government funded grants. Through this site you can find grants specifically for recycling projects. With the implementation of the 2009 Recovery Act, more federal grants are being awarded to projects of public interest including environmental programs.

Explore grants offered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Study the EPA grants in their site to determine which one is suited to your recycling project. The site also details the procedures and requirements for applying for a grant. They have an article on Tips on Writing a Grant Proposal to help your chances to get funding improve. Whether you plan to apply for a grant under the EPA or not, this article is a very informative resource for any grant seeker. If there is a local EPA office near you, pay them a visit so you can get answers to your questions face-to-face.

Go to your state's website. The website is your portal to the different state websites in the country. Under "Government Agencies," click on "State Government" and then click on your state's name. Once you get to the site, start searching for information on possible recycling grants awarded by your state.

Inquire with the National Recycling Coalition. The NRC is a non- profit group made up of members from all over North America that have the same passion for recycling, reusing and reducing. You can get the latest information on a number of existing recycling grants. Through the site, you can find affiliated organizations that focus on recycling. These affiliated groups can pinpoint possible sources of recycling grants.

Look at the Catalog for Domestic Assistance (CFDA). You can find a list of all federal funded programs, projects and services in the CFDA website. General information about these programs is available to the public. Peruse through the list of agencies and programs to see which ones match your proposal. Under their General Info section, you can find a well-written article on how to write grants.

Contact the Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE). The SEE is all for ecological restoration. Through their website,, you can find information on Mini-Grants for "business recycling, composting and waste reduction."  SEE offers grants starting at $1,000 all the way up to $10,000. Contact SEE to find out if your project is eligible for a grant.

Look locally. Organizations and businesses in your neighborhood may be the key to finding a grant for your recycling project. Make a list of these local entities and look them up online or call or visit them directly. It won't hurt to inquire whether they offer grants or not.

Finding grants for recycling is not as difficult as it seems. Make sure you have a good proposal in order to be awarded the grant you need. Don't forget to visit the local Department of Natural Resources and Environment sites for possible grants. Start looking for free funding so you can help save the environment now!


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